Zexen map

Map of The Zexen Confederacy

The Zexen Confederacy (ゼクセン連邦, Zekusen Federation) is a state established in the far western region of the Northern Continent by wealthy traders in the region who decided to form a nation distinct from the Grassland tribes.


Flag of Zexen

Flag of the Zexen Confederacy

420: Foundation
When the trader Gezel Hyatt made a considerable profit in the area from the Deer Antler trade, Vinay del Zexay was built with the profits and became an international port. After an unknown period of time, the Zexen Confederacy was founded to unite the various merchants and guilds that had sprung up in the region.

422-470: Recent History
At first, Zexen had to rely on the surrounding Grassland clans for protection. In the year 422, Brass Castle was completed at the Zexen/Grassland border, construction beginning in 420. The grand celebration party celebrating 50 years of autonomy took place in 470.

467-473: Cease Fire and War Again
The year 467 saw a peace accord signed between the Zexen Confederacy and the Six Clans of the Grassland, giving the region a chance at peace after years of hostilities. However, the treaty soon collapsed in 471 when a Zexen merchant party was attacked by a group from the Lizard Clan. The Zexen merchants were apparently waiting at a conference place, but the lizards refuted this by claiming it to be a prelude to Zexen territorial expansion. Because of this, disputes begin again and by 473, had once more flared into open war.

475: Second Fire Bringer War
In 475 both Zexen and Grassland political figures were assassinated in order to create war between the two. The plan succeeded as both Zexen and Grassland forces marched on each other resulting in the destruction of the Karaya Village in the Grasslands amongst other places. However, when the assassinations were revealed to be the machinations of Harmonia, a truce was made between the two.

Following this, Zexen aided the Fire Bringer (A loose coalition of nations and tribes) in its defense of the Grassland region from Harmonian aggression. Eventually, however, powerful magicians leading a group called the "Destroyers" threatened the peace of the Grassland, and Harmonia joined the Fire Bringer to fight against this menace. The Destroyers were eventually defeated. Following the war, each nation made a commitment to strength ties between each other.

478: Clashes with Tinto
However, despite this small chance for a peaceful future, 478 saw Zexen clash with the forces of the expanding Tinto Republic in a border skirmish igniting a short-lived Zexen-Tinto War. This war soon expanded to include the Grassland clans, especially the Lizard Clan of the Great Hollow. Thus leading the war to be also titled "the 4th Grassland War". The conflict eventually petered out, with no lasting solution reached by any of the nations involved which seems to point to further attempts at expansion from Tinto and therefore further instability for the region.