Yuki Kaji

Yuki Kaji

Yūki Kaji (梶 裕貴 Kaji Yūki?, born September 3, 1985) is a Japanese voice actor from Tokyo. He is currently affiliated with VIMS. He was part of the 4-unit singing group G.Addict, and has acted as one of the main protagonists in the movie Kami Voice: The Voice Makes a Miracle. He has won the Best New Actor Award in the 3rd Seiyu Awards in 2009 and the Best Male Lead Role Award in the 7th Seiyu Awards in 2013 and 8th Seiyu Awards in 2014.


Roles in SuikodenEdit

Title Role
Suikoden II Jowy
Suikoden Tierkreis Sieg, Nameless Hero
Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century Zephon

Notable Roles outside of SuikodenEdit

Video GamesEdit

Title Role
Final Fantasy Type-0 Ace
Gods Eater Burst Shun Ogawa
Norn9 Kakeru Yuiga
Tales of Zestiria An Tolme


Title Role
Diabolik Lovers Kanato Sakamaki
Detective Conan Yoshifumi Ito
Nobunaga Concerto Oda Nobunaga
Barakamon Kousuke Kanzaki
Buddy Complex:Kanketsu-hen Ano Sora ni Kaeru Mirai de Fromm Vantarhei

External LinksEdit

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