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Yoshino Yamamoto
Tenkoku Star (Wailing Star)


Japanese ヨシノ・ヤマモト Yoshino Yamamoto
Appears in Suikoden II
Origin Radat
Born SY 438
Position None
Attached Runes none

Yoshino is the Tenkoku Star (Wailing Star) in Suikoden II. Yoshino is the daughter of a wealthy family in Radat. Her family has been involved with South Window politics, and for that reason she met Freed. After years of barely talking to each other, she starts to have feelings for Freed, and finally with the help of Granmeyer, the two get married. Yoshino likes to do the laundry, but she is also very adept with the use of the Naginata and is more formidable in battle than her husband. During the Dunan Unification War, Yoshino makes Freed agree to stay in Radat after the war, and Freed willfully agrees to this--withdrawing from South Window politics after the war to spend quality time with his wife. Yoshino gave birth to a girl, Sanae, shortly after the end of the Unification War; Sanae inherited many things from her mother including her skill with the naginata and unfortunately her poor eyesight.

Suikoden IIEdit


After you obtain your headquarters, speak to her in Radat with Freed in your party.


Character DetailsEdit

Unite AttacksEdit

Yoshino can participate in the Husband and Wife Attack.


Yoshino is one of the few characters that is pretty much all rounded. With no real weaknesses or strenghts when it comes to stats, she is a suitable choice for both a fighter and a magician. As a fighter, she can be in both lines of the party to attack, and as a magician, she truly excels with the Water Rune. Her amount of hitpoints is very typical for a medium ranged fighter, but this can make Yoshino a rare breed in the Suikoden world; a magician standing on the first row. Yoshino comes equipped with a Water Amulet that can't be unequipped.

Rune AffinitiesEdit

Darkness : B Earth : B Fire : B Lightning: B Resurrection: B Water : A Wind : B

Recommended RunesEdit

Yoshino has high skills with all runes, but excels with a Water Rune.

Weapon Growth ChartEdit


Name Naginata Long Naginata Great Naginata
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 5 8 12 24 32 37 42 48 53 80 88 98 110 120 130 140

Equipment ClassesEdit

Cap, Karate Uniform


Richmond InvestigationsEdit

  • Secret: #1

Name: Yoshino
Age: 23
From: South Window
Position: Infantry
Note: Freed Y's wife

  • Secret: #2

"She was introduced to Freed through Granmeyer. I don't know what she sees in him, but they've been married for 5 years now."

  • Secret: #3

"Her specialties are her 'Husband-Wife Attack' with Freed and her 'Meat and Potatoes'. I prefer the latter myself."

  • Secret: #4

"Looks like she make Freed promise that when the war is over, he'll go back to Radat and live a quiet life with her." "A lovely woman...."

Suggestion Box LettersEdit

  • So nice

Everyone here is so nice. It's a pleasure to wash their clothes.

Cook-Off IntroductionEdit

"The wife that many say is too good for Freed, she's Japanese to the core. It's Yoshino!!!!"

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