Wabon is the Chiziku Star in Suikoden V.



Wabon is an old dwarf and the master of the mining carts. Many dwarves respect and listen to him. He living in the Dwarf Camp im the Queendom of Falena. He have an apprentice named Dongo.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Story Edit

Game Edit

During the Sun Rune War, he helped Freyjadour Falenas and Miakis when they are trying to went to Sauronix Castle. When the Nether Gate assassin destroy his mining cart and learned that the Godwins is planning to exterminate the dwarves he joined in the Loyalist Army to prevent it. After the war, Wabon succeeds as the dwarves' delegate to the New Parliament. His speeches are few, but intense.

Role in the GameEdit

After the assassins destroy his mining car, Wabon will join your cause regardless of your dialogue choices.

Wabon isn't an amazing warrior, but he can hold in own in battle and has some cool unite attacks. Like all Dwarves, he can equip the strongest armor. This makes him a good candidate for a Double-Edged or Power Rune.

  • Head - N/A
  • R. Hand - Gained at Lv. 1
  • L. Hand - Gained at Lv. 1

  • Head - Heavy
  • Body - Heavy
  • Hand - Heavy
  • Foot - Heavy

Wabon is an S-range fighter that uses a Giant Wrench as a weapon.

Weapon Growth
Name Stone Wrench Iron Wrench Steel Wrench
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Strength 10 20 30 45 55 70 110 125 135 150 165 180 210 220 235 255

Wabon can participate in Shining Scalp and Tunnelin' Thru.

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Stamina A
Attack B
Defense A
Technique A
Vitality B
Agility C
Forge SS

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Magic C
Magic Defense C
Incantation D
Sword of Magic D

Character Skills
Name Max Rank
Karmic Effect S

Wabon can be used as a second-in-command and gives his military unit one use of the Charge ability.

  1. Other than the master/apprentice thing, cave dwarves don´t really have any sort of "rank" in their social structure. But with that influential voice, and the way other dwarves respect him. I guess you could say he´s their "elder" of sorts.
  2. I hear they call him "Master of Mine Carts," and rightly so. It´d be impossible for a human to make carts the way he does. Well, maybe Babbage could pull it off, but if there aren´t any gears involved, he´s not interested.
  3. When Wabon, Isato and Alhazred are together, this blinding light streams off their... intellects.

  • Elves

They say the elves and dwarves are really going at each other up in the northern continent. But don't worry. We dwarves here in Falena never even think about elves.

  • Gear Guy

He's not bad, for a human! Of course, he doesn't hold a candle to me!

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