Village of The Hidden Rune before the attack.

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Village of the Hidden Rune on fire

A small village that once existed in a presently unknown, remote location. Built to hide the Rune of Life and Death from those who would use its power for nefarious reasons, the Village of the Hidden Rune was demolished nearly 250 years prior to the Toran Liberation War by Neclord, Windy, and Yuber in their hunt for True Runes. However, their search proved to be fruitless, as Ted's grandfather, who had protected the rune, passed it on to his grandson, leaving Ted to wander the world for the next 300 years under the pretense of keeping his rune a secret at all times. The old man's final words to his grandson apologized for passing down a sorrowful fate upon the young boy.

Through the magic of the Star Dragon Sword, Tir McDohl and company are able to bear witness to this event, and though their appearance here changed the events very slightly as Yuber would not have acknowledged their presence the first time this event occurred, the village was still destroyed.

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