Village of the Dwarves

The Village of the Dwarves is a location in Suikoden.

The Village of the Dwarves is located high in the mountains above the rest of the Great Forest region. This is the home of the dwarves of Toran, where they dwell in the cold. The dwarves' main industry is metalworking; they mine various ores from the mountains that surround the village and then process them, changing the raw ores into refined metals and metal works. They then sell their wares to others within the Great Forest region, utilizing the few humans who live in the area as salesmen to offer their wares to the Kobolds, Elves, and others living in the area. Besides their metal craft, they are also famous for their windmills, the village also makes iron armor and weaponry from the rich iron ore veins in the mountains; they then would sell them to the Scarlet Moon Empire for a profit.

It is said that much of the strength of the Imperial Army could be traced back to their superior, well-crafted arms and armour they received from the dwarves. It is unknown whether they continued this trade with the Toran Republic. Many of these craftsmen have became famous and important members of dwarven history; the most famous of them all is Dowango, who was an expert at silver smithing. It is said that the "silver feather" he created actually floated in mid-air.

The dwarves are also inventors of various new technologies. The dwarves invented the Burning Mirror, a weapon that gathers "heat" into it and unleashes a destructive blast of "light" energy; it was used by General Kwanda Rosman during the Toran Liberation War to burn down the Village of the Elves. The dwarves also produced the Firewind Cannon, a cannon capable of firing at great speeds that was used to break the Burning Mirror before Kwanda Rosman could do further damage with it. The dwarves keep their technology locked away in the Dwarves' Vault; it is even said that they house a doomsday device there. However, due to the braggart nature of many dwarves over their weaponry, this is not widely believed to be true.

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