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  • MoonlightSelenia

    Nikumba's explanation about Refiant. It's part of plot to recruit L'aquila, Lete, Nikunba, and Crayon.

    Character Japanese Dialogue Translated Dialogue
    Nikunba リファイアント・・・というものを
    ご存知でありましょうや? Do you know what a Refiant is?
    Hero リファイアント・・・?


    This is the first time I heard of it.

    Nikunba 強大なる魔術の力によって作りかえられた人を
    指す言葉でございます。 That's a word referring to people who were recreated through the power of magic so that they'll become stronger.
    Hero 魔術で・・・人を作りかえる!?

    Recreating people... with magic!?

    Is that even possible!?

    Nikunba もはや失われた秘術でございますが

    It's now considered a lost technique, but it was often done around the time Aionia was founded.

    It s…

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  • MoonlightSelenia

    Trans: Terms

    March 27, 2015 by MoonlightSelenia

    JP Literal Translation Usual Localization
    LV Level Lv
    HP Health Point HP
    強さ Strength either ATK or STR
    丈夫さ Endurance either DEF or PDF
    賢さ Wisdom


    Also affect magic defense tho.

    すばやさ Agility SPD
    器用さ Skillfulness

    Affect critical, evasion rate, and hit rate, so probably can be called Luck?

    EXP Experience EXP

    JP Literal Translation Usual Localization
    強さUP Strength Up

    丈夫さUP Endurance Up

    賢さUP Wisdom Up

    素早さUP Agility Up

    毒 Poison Poison
    マヒ Paralysis Paralyzed
    火傷 Burnt


    (the character afflicted with this status will receive damage when their turn come)

    凍傷 Frostbite


    (the character afflicted with this status will receive damage when their turn come)

    強さDOWN Strength Down

    丈夫さDOWN Endurance Down

    賢さDOWN Wisdom Down

    素早さDOWN Agility Down

    器用さDOWN Skillfulness Down

    怒り Rage


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  • MoonlightSelenia

    Basically just literally translating whatever they say and don't care whether it makes sense or not. At least Hero summarize it for us in the end. Yuyudoraya (Y)

    Hero (H)

    Y: Hoho... The Tree of Time was made to prevent the stormy stars from gathering together? So that's what the leaders of the Root of the Rock says?

    H: Yes... By stormy stars, you are referring to the Stars of Destiny, aren't you? I wonder what does it mean... I really don't understand...

    Y: ... it's finally time.

    H: Yuyudoraya-san?

    Y: I myelf don't understand the details. Most of it are mixed with speculations. However, if you're fine with it, then I shall tell you.

    H: Yes! Please!

    Y: Hm, to begin with... that's right. The Stars of Destiny are people entrusted with the Will of the…

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  • MoonlightSelenia


    February 2, 2015 by MoonlightSelenia

    So I won't forget...

    Tsumuji world uses the Holy Empire Calendar (聖皇暦, Seikoureki) and it starts when the Holy Aionia Empire is formed a.k.a. when the barrier is erected. Using HEC to try to chronologize the events in Tsumuji.

    A war breaks out between two sides: The Great Holy Empire that rules two continents and Stars of Destiny. The reason behind the war is never explained in-game. Stars of Destiny is empowered by the Original Tree of Times. Empire knows that and get jealous and want to have the same power so they do researches but they end up getting monsters (Telluspharma) instead. Telluspharmas eat them and everyone else (and even their own kind!). Leopherias (and Zephon?) gets to a land faraway from the Empire that still safe from Tellusp…

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  • MoonlightSelenia

    Note to self

    February 1, 2015 by MoonlightSelenia
    • Screenshoot character profiles Done. Just need to upload them. Done.
    • Translate and add them to their respective page Done.
    • Don't forget to put them into gallery Done.
    • Make up my mind on what to call 時代樹 and the romanization for テラスファルマ OOPS I JUST READ ZEPHON'S CHARACTER LINE LOL OKAY calling the tree as The Tree of Times then!!! That sounds better than Generation Tree anyway I mean wtf with my naming sense geez
    • For now I'm romanizing the monsters as Telluspharma. Suggestions are welcome tho.
    • There's things about Kutan Clan, Yuga Clan, and Refiant...
    • And Aionia's 地蟲 (Ground Insect) and 岩の根 (Root of the Rock) ... forgot what's the latter one is for tho
    • Explanations of Stars of Destiny and its relation with Skill Transmission system and the Tree
    • And because I…
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