Updater Admins are the maintainers of the featured pages, images, topics, battle polls, spotlights and the community corner of this wiki.


First Thing To Do

Things To Maintain

Update the following:

  1. MediaWiki: Community Corner
    Note: Read the Manual: Community Corner
  2. Featured:
    • Template:Featured Article
    • Replace the file on File:Featured_Images.gif.
      • File size is 293 × 350.
      • File type is .gif.
        Note: Update the featured image monthly.
    • Topic:
      • Featured Topic Rule:
        • The topic is anything about Suikoden.
        • After the featured topic is expired it is still open and can still be commented by anyone.
        • The featured topic can be suggested by anyone but it must be interesting. For Featured topic suggestion see Thread:20517#4.
          Note: Update the featured topic weekly.
  3. Post an event on Template:On This Day. View Sample Output>>
  4. Battle Poll:
    • Replace the article name, character name, poll option and voting end date.
    • Add the result on the battle poll result section.
    • The image on File:BPImageA.png and File:BPImageB.png must be replace
      • File size is 500x800px
      • File type is .png
        Note: Go to File:BPImageA.png and File:BPImageB.png to replace the image on it and update the battle poll after 14 days from the date it is started.
  5. Request for Spotlight every six months.

Common Task

  1. Be active at least 3-4 times a week
  2. If there's a new member give him/her a warm welcome.
  3. Help other Admins or other members of the wiki if they need help.
  4. Recruit a Chat Moderator and check the Chat Moderators talk page if there's a request for a chat moderator rights at least once a week. Be sure that he/she met the following requirements listed on Chat Moderators task list before adding him/her as chat mod. Don't forget to add his/her user name on the Admin page.
  5. Check and organize the content of Maintenance if there's a page for merging, deletion, pages with broken links and etc.
  6. Request for Spotlight, if no request had been made.
  7. Update the Featured Article, Image, Today's Event and Battle Poll.
  8. If you create new MediaWiki please link/add it here. All the Media Wiki must be listed.
  9. If there are no admins that is maintaining the task that is assign on them you can fill them up or you can contact them and ask to do the task that is assign to them nicely.
  10. If you have a proposal, plans or future plans for the wiki please use the Admin Discussion board.
  11. If a Chat Moderator does not do the task that is assign to him/her you can remove him/her.
  12. Respond on any message/comment on Forum and your message wall if there is no respond yet. Be sure that your answer is precise. If you don't know what to answer, you might do the following:
  • Leave him/her a message the message content should be like this:
    • I am very sorry I don't know the answer for your question, but please don't worry I'll ask other admin around and wait for my respond for at least (No. of Days) days, or you may use the Forum or the Special:Chat to ask other user about the problem you are struggling for now.

Blocking User

Don't Block the user if:

Blocking user who commit minor mistakes is not allowed.

The content of the wiki is important but the greatest important thing on the wiki is it's people. Without people there are no information/data, photo and image to be gathered. So it is best to not block the user because of a minor mistake. It is best to correct the mistake that had been made.

Common Minor Mistake:

  • Typo Error
    • Solution: Correct the mispelled words.
  • Grammar Error
    • Solution: Correct the grammar error.
  • Wrong data/information
    • Solution: Correct any data/information that had been made.
  • Wrong Categorization
    • Correct the categorization of the article/photo/templates/categories/videos. You might go to the message wall/talk page of the user who commit the mistakes and tell them the correct category of the page nicely and respectfully.

Uncommon minor mistakes:

  • Sudden corrupting of a page.
    • Sometimes when clicking the publish button the page suddenly corrupts (Blank Page is the result) if that happens all you need to do is click the undo button and the page will be back to normal.

Correcting some minor mistakes is better than nothing. Over all, all you need to do is love the user who contribute on the wiki.

Block the user if he cause:

  • Vandalism.
    • You might also read the community rules.
    • Minor Vandalize Page
      • Solution: Undo button is helpful to undo just one edit. Then block the users IP/account who did the vandalism. Undo button should not be used to revert an edit that you merely disagree with.
    • Severely Vandalize Page
      • Soulution: Use the rollback button and block the users IP/account who did the vandalism. Only use this for reverting severe vandalism. It should not be used to revert an edit that you merely disagree with. For more info visit Help:Reverting.
  • Spamming
  • User who bullied other user.
  • The Trolls
  • Note: After you log in you must not forget to do task that is assign to you. If there is nothing to do, you can log out and do nothing, you might think of something to do on the near future, or you can check the What To Do page and do the things that is listed in there. If you want to add anything to do on the list feel free to add one.

Can't Do

  1. Sudden Changes of the Background is not allowed. If you really want to change the wiki background:
    1. We will need to discuss about it in the Admin Discussion board.
    2. Avoid using Background image that is copyrighted.
      1. The only Background image that is allowed are:
        1. The one you made.
        2. Don't contain any pictures of any Suikoden Characters, True Runes, Monster or any living creature.
  2. Sudden Changes of Community Top Navigation colored and Contents is not allowed.
    We will need to discuss it in the Admin Discussion board.
  3. Sudden changes of the water mark is not allowed.
    We will need to discuss it in the Admin Discussion board.
  4. Sudden changes of the favicon is not allowed.
    We will need to discuss it in the Admin Discussion board.
  5. Sudden enabling and disabling of the following WikiFeatures:
    • Polls
      • Current Status: Enabled
      • Reason: Easy to create a poll and it is useful.
    • Blogs
      • Current Status: Enabled
      • Reason: Many people want to create a blogpost.
    • Article Comments
      • Current Status: Disabled;
      • Reason: Many big wiki's are disabling it and we will follow it, besides there is the talkpage they can comment there. If the article comment is enabled it will make an article too long specially for mobiles. Of course the comment are important but the most important thing is the content of the page. Also some people might post a gibberish comment.
    • Category Exhibition
      • Current Status: Disabled
      • Reason: It will make the category long because, the image of the page are displayed instead of the title of the page.
    • Message Wall
      • Current Status: Enabled
      • Reason: This one is really useful specially for communicating.
    • Forum
      • Current Status: Enabled
      • Reason: Like message wall this one is really useful specially for communicating in the entire community.
    • Require all contributors to log in
      • Current Status: Enabled
      • Reason: Helpful, anonymous user can't edit. Many vandalise page are from some anonymous user.
    • Labs
      • Current Status: Unknown
      • Reason: The wiki has it but the enable/disable button is missing.
    • New Image Galleries
      • Current Status: Disabled
      • Reason: Currently the use is still unknown.
    • Maps
      • Current Status: Enabled
      • Reason: This one is good go ahead and help us to create the Map.
    • Chat
      • Current Status: Enabled
      • Reason: Like message wall this one is really useful specially for communicating in the entire community online.
    • Top 10 Lists
      • Current Status: Enabled
      • Reason: Easy to create the top 10 pages like poll.
    • Achievements
      • Current Status: Enabled
      • Reason: You know what is this one eevry editors get it when they meet the required edits.
    Want to change anything we will need to discuss it in the Admin Discussion board.
  6. Protecting of an article page, category, images and template are not allowed.
    There are no new information/data to be gathered if a page, image, category and templates are protected.
    Unless they are the manuals, favicon, wiki background, wordmark, administrative template, MPIs and the rules.
  7. Removal of protected pages: Specially the Rules, Manuals, Background, Favicon, Wordmark, the MPIs, Administrative Template and Task are not allowed.

Wanted Announcer Admins

Best Practices to Follow

  1. He/she is a wikia user.
  2. Have been on Suikoden Wikia for a while.
    Must know the community.
  3. Have contributed to the wikia.
    On this wiki you must have 500 edits and on the 500 edits you made you must have already edited not only your favorite Suikoden Series pages but also other Suikoden Series pages as well.
  4. Have contributed well.
    Must contributed a worthwhile edits.
  5. Does not block by the admins or does not have a history of conflicts or disruption.
  6. Have talking to others on Suikoden Wikia.
    Must participate on various discussion of this wiki.
  7. Have interact with people in the way you would want an admin to interact with you.
  8. Can we trust you to always act in the best interests of the wikia?
    Must think for the best interest of this wiki.

If you already met the following practices you can file an Application to the Bureaucrats listed below:

Once you become an admin, if you do not log in/edit for at least 2 weeks, an existing bureaucrat can revoke your status. Task and Condition might change without prior notice.

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