The True Wind Rune is one of the 27 True Runes, representing the element of "Wind". Both the Wind Rune and Cyclone Rune descend from this rune. Unlike its lesser counterparts, this rune is based fully on attack magic.


For an indeterminate time, the True Wind Rune was held by the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. Around the time of In Solis 444, the rune was grafted onto a clone, named Luc, of the Harmonian leader Hikusaak. The process went awry, though, and the True Wind Rune became entangled in the clone's body and soul. Luc was discarded, imprisoned in the catacombs beneath One Temple and forgotten.

The blind seer Leknaat took pity on the young boy and rescued him from his fate, spiriting him away to Magician's Isle. She tutored him in the ways of magic and destiny.

During In Solis 455, Luc used the True Wind Rune mischeviously, testing Tir McDohl and his entourage when they sought to retrive the astral projections from Leknaat. With the power of the rune, Luc called forth a golem to test Tir's party. (Though it isn't known how this was achieved, it is possible that he called it forth from the World of Emptiness).

Luc would later serve in the Toran Liberation Army during the Toran Liberation War, but his True Wind Rune was concealed to resemble a particularly strong Cyclone Rune for the war's duration.

Later, during the Dunan Unification War, Luc served in the Allied Army at Leknaat's behest. For the first and only time, he revealed the True Wind Rune, wielding it against the Harmonian detachment led by his brother, Sasarai. Thoroughly routed, Harmonia was forced to withdraw from the conflict.

Some time afterward, Luc began receiving visions of a desolate, empty future ordained by Order. These visions originated from the True Wind Rune, and Luc presumed that this "Ashen Future" was the result of the twenty-seven True Runes reuniting.

Formulating a plan to destroy his own True Wind Rune, Luc hypothesized that this would prevent such a future from ever happening. He left Magician's Isle, taking Sarah with him. At some point after this, he enlisted the aid of Albert Silverberg and the Black Knight Yuber.

This group would become known as the "Destroyers."

In order to destroy the True Wind Rune, great sacrifices of blood were needed. To this end, Luc initiated his plans by stirring up political unrest in the Grasslands. He took advantage of their uneasy peace with the Zexen Confederacy by assassinating the leader of the Lizard Clan, Zepon, while under the guise of Chris Lightfellow of the Zexen Knights.

The two side eventually uncovered the truth of the assassination, uniting in war against Luc under the banner of the new Flame Champion.

Gaining control of the four other elemental True Runes, Luc sought to use the Ceremonial Site to destroy the True Wind Rune. This ancient Sindar ruin was an amplifier of tremendous potential, and would grant him the necessary destructive power needed to overcome the overwhelming resilience of a True Rune.

His plan ultimately failed, though, foiled by the Flame Champion, who regained the stolen True Runes. In desperation, Luc drew on the power of his rune and called up the True Wind Incarnation to strike down his foes, but the Flame Champion's party prevailed. The battle destroyed the Ceremonial Site and left Luc mortally wounded, there to die with his loyal companion Sarah at his side.

The whereabouts of the True Wind Rune are a mystery after Luc's death, and it is presumed not to have a current bearer.


  • The Shredding: Deals 250 damage to all foes.
  • Funeral Wind: Deals 300 damage to one foe + chance of instant-death.
  • Shining Wind: Deals 500 damage to all foes. Heals 300 HP for allies.
  • Eternal Wind: Deals 1200 damage to all foes.


Trivia Edit

  • In Suikoden, it was wrongly translated as Wind Rune, it was in fact the True Wind Rune.