The True Water Rune is one of the 27 True Runes, representing the element of "Water." Both the Water Rune and Flowing Rune descend from this rune.

It was possessed by Wyatt Lightfellow during the First Fire Bringer War. After the war ended, Wyatt chose to seal the True Rune away. With the help of the Alma Kinan Clan, he concealed the True Water Rune in the Ancient Highway, a complex of Sindar ruins near Great Hollow, deep within the Grasslands. During the Second Fire Bringer War, Wyatt – now known as Jimba of the Karaya Clan – attempted to reclaim the True Water Rune to aid the new Flame Champion and keep the enemy from possessing it. In doing so, he interrupted Luc's ritual to claim the True Rune. The backlash of energy from the True Rune encased in the Ancient Highway in ice and ultimately mortally wounded Wyatt. With the help of his daughter, Chris Lightfellow, the True Water Rune was contained and the new Flame Champion claimed the rune for their side.

Later in the war, Luc was successful in stealing the True Rune from its owner. He proceeded to the Ceremonial Site, intending to use the power of the five Elemental Runes to destroy the True Wind Rune bound to him. Though Luc was able to steal all five of the elemental runes, his plan was ultimately unsuccessful. The Flame Champion located Luc and his allies; with a number of allies, the Flame Champion stormed the Ceremonial Site and reclaimed the stolen runes, defeating Luc in the process.

After the Second Fire Bringer War, the True Water Rune remains in the possession of either Chris Lightfellow or Hugo, depending on whom the player names as the new Flame Champion.


  • Kindness Rain: Heals 400HP to target + allies in area.
  • Silent Lake: Temporarily silences all magic chanting.
  • Mother Ocean: Fully restores an ally's health and combat status.
  • Heavenly Drops: Deals 1000 damage to all enemies.