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True Runes

The 27 True Runes are special runes that hold an unusually strong and different kind of power in comparison to their ordinary counterparts. Because of their ties with the universe, they are engaged in an eternal struggle of chaos versus order, and often use humanity as their means to bring about their will.

Story of the True RunesEdit

In the beginning, there was "darkness."
Then finally, the "darkness" shed a "tear."
From that "tear," the brothers Sword and Shield were born.
Sword Bragged that he can cut anything. Shield replied that he could protect anything. then the brothers began a legendary battle for seven days and seven nights.
At the end, Sword cut Shield and Shield Smashed Sword.
Sword became the sky, Shield became the earth, and the sparks from the battle became the stars.
And the jewels that adorn Sword and Shield Became the True Runes--'
The runes that all other runes were born from.

Role of the True RunesEdit

According to the legend, true runes are the backbone of the Suikoden universe, allowing it to exist. Each True rune is effectively a sort of god, with its own will or agenda. Because the True Runes hold such immense power, they are often sought by kings, emperors, and other secret organizations, which has ultimately led to many, many wars throughout the ages of Suikoden.

No one knows for certain where True Runes came from, but legend tells that the 27 True Runes were created when the brothers, "Sword" and "Shield" fought against each other, shattering themselves into 27 pieces.

Because of the eternal struggles between the different runes, or even the different aspects of the same rune, the battles between the True Runes are often parallelled by the struggles for power within and between nations.

Powers of the RunesEdit

All True Runes represent a certain aspect of existence, such as punishment, beginning, or even the basic elements (fire, wind, etc.). Because of their ties with the foundations of the universe, they bring both benefits and curses to its bearer, such as agelessness, immunity to disease, incredible magical powers, but most notably, the ability to control the destinies of entire nations.

As opposed to regular runes, which are chosen by people to wear or to temper into weapons, True Runes choose the people who will bear them. True Runes have been known to destroy their own bearer, or even swap bearers, so that they can be more properly aligned with those with great power, or even the stars of destiny in order to bring greater order or chaos to the universe.

Although the bearers of True Runes often stop aging and become immune to disease, they are still susceptible to death from physical causes, such as accidents, sacrifice, or murder.

Known True RunesEdit

Current Owner: Unknown
Past Owners: L'Renouille Palace
A True Rune representing animalistic rage and passion; the rune is officially said to have been given to the Blight family by the High Priest Sasarai. However, the fact is that the Beast Rune refused to be contained within Harmonia and took residence in L'Renouille according to its own will. Harmonia hid this fact by claiming that it was a gift, and used it as a political tool. Since then, the Beast Rune laid dormant within L'Renouille until Luca Blight took interest in its power. After the Beast Rune was realized as a weapon of war, huge quantities of blood was sacrificed to it, awakening various "relatives of the Beast Rune" in the form of golden wolves. These wolves caused confusion to the Allied Forces when they took Muse--the city was filled with golden wolves. During the siege on L'Renouille, the Beast Rune took the form of the Silver Wolf and challenged the Allied Forces to a final bout. After it was defeated, it is unknown what happened to the Beast Rune.
Current Owner: Riou (when alternate ending is chosen)
Past Owners: Unknown
A True Rune representing the "initial chaos of birth" inherent in times of creation. This True Rune is always found separated into its components -- the Bright Shield and Black Sword runes, and bearers of these two runes are bound by the rune's power to fight against each other until only one survives to win the other component. Scholars are uncertain whether the Black Sword and Bright Shield are the same "sword" and "shield" from the legends of creation, and no one knows what exact power the Rune of the Beginning bears. It is said that the rune grants its owner the power to "judge war."
Current Owner: Jowy (when the "good ending" is reached)
Past Owners: Han Cunningham
The Black Sword Rune is one of the components of the Rune of the Beginning. Representing the offensive power necessary for "the beginning," this rune holds devastating powers. Much of the power is manifested in the form of swords, and all of its spells unleash painful attacks with magical swords.
Current Owner: Riou (when the "good ending" is reached)
Past Owners: Genkaku
The Bright Shield Rune is the other component of the Rune of the Beginning. Representing the power to protect "the beginning," this rune holds tremendous defensive powers. Many of its spells heal its bearer and those who are with the bearer in spirit. It is also said that those who are close to this rune won't die even when they suffer wounds that would have otherwise killed them.
Current Owner: Sierra
Past Owners: Sierra, Blue Moon Village, Neclord
A Rune representing compassion and destruction, this rune also turns its bearer into a vampire. This rune carries with it a huge curse, as it actually dominates its bearer's mind until s/he gains mastery over its powers. When Sierra Mikain came into possession of this rune, she ended up going on a killing rampage, forcing her to retreat into the forest to keep herself from harming others. As she gained mastery over this rune, she was able to tap into the powers of compassion, which diminished her vampiric impulses to drink the blood of the living. This led to the creation of the Blue Moon Village, where Sierra lived with others who had cast their pasts away, such as Rean Penenberg and Neclord. Since then, Sierra removed the Moon Rune from herself and placed it on an altar at the center of the village. However, Neclord, overtaken by the lust for power, stole the Moon Rune and fled, robbing immortality from the villagers other than Sierra. Some of the villagers fled to sustain their immortality through sucking the blood of others.
Although Sierra lost physical possession of the Moon Rune, the rune still recognized her as its master. Thus, when Sierra caught up with Neclord, she was able to command the rune to obey her and deactivate itself. Neclord used the Moon Rune during the Dunan Unification War to take over Tinto. Its magic requires the blood of 100 people.
Current Owner: Unknown (Leader of the Sindar)
Past Owners: Unknown
A True Rune representing change that affects all in the universe. The powers of this rune and its whereabouts remain a mystery. However, it is said that the Leader of the Sindar hold this rune, forcing the Sindars to move from place to place as a curse. However, it is said that the Sindars finally found their "eternal city" after their eternal wander.
Current Owner: Hikusaak
Past Owners: Unknown
A True Rune representing order and stagnation, not much is known about this rune as well as its bearer. The Holy Kingdom of Harmonia is named after this rune's power of bringing peace and harmony. However, scholars argue that the power of stagnation has become more prevalent in recent times, stalling the progress of the Holy Kingdom. The High Priest Hikusaak, its bearer, has also been rumored missing since Solis 230, causing a civil war.
Current Owner: Milia
Past Owners: Joshua Levenheit
This rune enables dragons to exist in the world of Suikoden. It also grants the power to control dragons. This rune is possessed by the current leader of the dragon knights, and it was possessed by the former leader.
Current Owner: Yuber
Past Owners: Unknown
Owned by Yuber, no one knows what powers this rune may hold. Scholars argue that Yuber's affinity with monsters (summoning, for example) and the power of teleportation is derived from this rune, but no one is certain.
Current Owner: Split into Front and Back halves
Last Owners: Unknown
A True Rune with the power to connect worlds, this rune holds great powers. The Blue Gate Rune was born from this rune. Belonging to the Gate Rune Clan, this rune has been protected for centuries. However, the clan was destroyed by invading Harmonians in Solis 78. The two sisters, Windy and Leknaat (In the Gate Rune Clan, all members were considered siblings), separated the Gate Rune into two halves and teleported away. The Gate Rune was unheard of for centuries but surfaced during the "Gate Rune Wars" when the Liberation Army fought against the Scarlet Moon Empire -- controlled by Windy.
The "Front Half" of the Gate Rune remains missing after Windy's disappearance following the collapse of the Hanging Gardens of Barbarossa.
Current Owner: N/A
Past Owners: Leknaat
The Back Gate Rune is one of the halves of the Gate Rune, separated by Windy and Leknaat. After Leknaat teleported away from the destruction of her clan, she eventually escaped to the Magician's Isle, creating powerful wards to protect herself from anyone who wished to take her rune. Her greatest threat, ironically, ended up being Windy. During the final battle of the Gate Rune Wars, Leknaat used her Back Gate Rune to send Windy's monster troops back to the "World of Emptiness." However, her power alone was too weak to send all of them back, requiring the help of Joshua Levenheit's Dragon Rune for complete success.
Current Owner: N/A
Past Owners: Windy
The Front Gate Rune is one of the halves of the Gate Rune, separated by Windy and Leknaat. After Windy teleported away from the destruction of her clan, she sought greater power to seek revenge against the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. Knowing that one person could only wield one True Rune, she researched ways to attach two True Runes on herself. Thus, she started searching for True Runes with other True Rune Bearers, Yuber and Neclord. She scoured the lands in search of True Runes, ironically doing the same thing Harmonia did to her clan to gain True Runes. In the end, she found the bearer of the Soul Eater, Ted, and tried to take it from him, but ultimately fails. Her unyielding wish to gain the Rune of Life and Death indirectly caused the Gate Rune Wars. In the final battle, Windy used her Front Gate Rune to summon 80,000 monster troops from the "World of Emptiness." However, her monster troops were sent back by Leknaat and Joshua Levenheit. In the end, she died when Barbarossa fell from the balcony of his "Floating Garden," taking her along. Since then, the rune has been missing, suggesting that Windy may still be alive.
Current Owner: Edge
Past Owners: Viktor
A True Rune representing the "power of the night," this rune allows "creatures of the night," such as zombies, skeletons, and vampires to exist. There is argument over the nature of this rune due to the Zodiac Sword's claim that he is a "manifestation" of the Night Rune. However, other sources state that the Night Rune is merely attached to its hilt. It is also known that the Zodiac Sword used to be another entity entirely, who had some past relations with Sierra Mikain. Whatever the truth is, the Night Rune also gives the Zodiac Sword the ability to destroy "creatures of the night", even vampires. The Zodiac Sword had been in possession of Viktor, but he passed it to Edge for "safekeeping", no one is certain whether Viktor or Edge actually aged while using the Zodiac Sword, so this doesn't serve as proof of whether the Zodiac Sword "is" the Night Rune. The Zodiac Sword itself is a legendary sword, never rusting, which makes one wonder if "immortality" even applies to inanimate objects.
Current Owner: Tir McDohl
Past Owners: Ted's Grandpa, Ted, Fog Ship Guide
Better known as the "Rune of Life and Death," this rune represents two inevitabilities: life and death. This rune was kept by the Village of the Hidden Rune until Solis 150 when Windy, along with Yuber and Neclord, destroyed the Village. The rune was passed on from Ted's Grandpa onto Ted, and Ted since wandered the world. Eventually, worn down by the rune's curse and the social exclusion that it brought, Ted accepted the offer of the mysterious Fog Ship Guide to hand over the rune and disappear from the world. His exile lasted years, but when he saw the actions of the bearer of the Rune of Punishment (another heavily cursed rune), Ted decided to leave the Fog Ship and return to the outside world. The Fog Ship Guide was unwilling to part with the Soul Eater and battled for possession of it and the Rune of Punishment. Following the Guide's defeat Ted reclaimed the rune and aided the bearer of the Rune of Punishment in the war between the Island Nations and Kooluk. However, once the conflict was over Ted returned to a solo nomadic life.
After his wandering, he befriended the son of General Teo McDohl, Tir. After Windy realized that Ted bore the Soul Eater, he was attacked by Windy. Barely escaping with his life, Ted begged Tir to become the next bearer of the Soul Eater, which Tir accepted. From that point onwards, the rune bent the fate of those around Tir and dragged them into the clutches of death, starting with Odessa Silverberg, then with Gremio, Teo McDohl, and even its own ex-bearer, Ted. However, it is uncertain whether having one's soul sucked by the Soul Eater means death, as the spirits of those who have died live on within the bearer of the Soul Eater.
Current Owner: Lazlo
Past Owners: Glen Cott, Brandeau, Steele, Graham Cray, Graham Cray's Son, Queen of Obel
The Rune of Punishment governs atonement and forgiveness, attaching itself to a bearer's left arm. The Rune has tremendous destructive power, however, it comes at the cost of the bearer's own vitality. When the wielder's life-force is at an end, their memories are absorbed by the rune, and the person bearing the rune turns to dust. The Rune then transfers to the nearest available host. Rune of Punishment is supposedly to be the deadliest rune among all the 27 True Runes.  Whilst it is still believed that the Rune of Punishment will grant standard True Rune abilities such as agelessness; there is no record of any of its previous bearers surviving long enough for this to be an issue.
The Rune became sealed in Obel after its then bearer died without potential host in range; it remained in the Ruins there for many years until discovered by the then Queen of Obel. She resisted the Rune's call to be used until a time when pirates threatened her children and her kingdom. Since that time, it has moved around the region causing death to its bearers and destruction to those around them; no matter how much they may resist, fate transpires to place the bearers in situations where they end up using the Rune to save themselves or others. One such incident occurred in a border village between Kooluk and the Scarlet Moon Empire: some Scarlet Moon nobles dressed up as Kooluk raiders and attacked the town to drum up support for a war. The then bearer of the Rune (who was a small child) unleashed its power and the nobles, as well as the village, were decimated. The succeeding bearer [Graham Cray] was the father of the previous bearer, and in order to escape the Rune's curse he severed his left arm from his body; the act saved him from the Rune, but he then developed a fixation on the power he had discarded.
The Rune continued its cycle of death and destruction, returning to the Island Nations where it claimed the life of an innocent fisherman who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, then it passed on to the notorious Pirate Steele, who used it to attack the Pirate Edgar, who he killed. As Steele lay dying The Rune passed onto Edgar's friend Brandeau. Knowing the fate of those nearby, Brandeau isolated himself from his friends and crewed his ships with strangers; eventually on a raiding mission that went bad he used the Rune to try and escape, and seeing one young man remain who bested him in combat he felt as though he knew who the next bearer would be. He was mistaken however, as Glen Cott stepped in the way just as Brandeau died. Glen returned to his home of Razril but did not bear the Rune long before he was forced to use it against an invading fleet; although he tried to keep everyone away from him when he did so, circumstances saw the same young man named Lazlo being close to Glen when he died and it transferred to him this time around.
Exiled from Razril for being belived to be responsible for Glen's death this Lazlo became embroiled in a war that started due to Koolouk's expansion progress, but continued due to Graham Cray's desire to obtain the Rune again. During this time Lazlo managed to survive using the Rune's power a total of four time; before the power of the 108 Stars of Destiny moved the Rune into its little seen forgiveness phase, where it no longer drains the life of its bearer. He later joined Kyril and his party in the Destruction of the Rune Canons.
Current Owner: Unknown
Past Owners: Barbarossa
A True Rune representing absolute rule, the Sovereign Rune has been the Rugner family's family heirloom since Kranach Rugner created the Scarlet Moon Empire. Before that, the Sovereign Rune belonged to the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, and was protected within the Holy City of Rupanda (later renamed Gregminster). The rune's powers are still a mystery, but it grants its bearers complete immunity to all runes, and also allows its bearer to change into a three-headed dragon. Barbarossa, as its bearer, chose to embed this rune on his Dragon King Sword. Since Barbarossa fell from his castle's balcony, this rune's whereabouts are unknown.
Current Owner: None
Past Owners: Arshtat Falenas
The True Rune representing the Sun, it holds power over both the nurturing and destructive benefits of the Sun. Originally connected to the Night Rune, the two runes were split when the Night Rune took the form of a sword and severed their link together. In the past, the Sun Rune was controlled by the King of the Ancient Armes Kingdom before he used its power to destroy his lands, while the Queendom of Felena used it to bring prosperity back to the lands.
In Falena, the Sun Rune is considered to be too powerful to be controlled by one person, so the Rune is traditionally sealed in a bust and watched over by priests. The Sun Rune shares a symbiotic link with the Dawn Rune and Twilight Rune with the two runes creating a balance with the Sun Rune that prevents its harmful effects.This is because the Sun Rune has the power to seduce the mind of its wielder and creates split personality that bears a god-complex which wishes to use the rune's power. When the Dawn Rune was stolen during the Lordlake Rebellion, Arshtat, the Queen of Falena, bore the rune at advice of tactician Lucretia Merces, who speculated that the Godwins faction may attempt steal the rune in response to the disappearance of the Dawn Rune. However, without the Dawn Rune to temper the Sun Rune's influence, the Queen began to suffer from the same mental insanity the Ancient King of Armes had fallen to. Though her husband Ferid was able to quell her bouts of insanity, he was unable to stop her from using the Sun Rune against the loyal citizens of Lordlake for supposedly betraying her. When Arshtat is slain during the Godwins' coup, the Sun Rune returned to the chamber were it was originally sealed. The capricious nature of the Sun Rune allows only those it selects to bear it, as both Lymsleia Falenas and Gizel Godwin were rejected as hosts.
Current Bearers: None
Previous Bearers: Prince of Falena
A piece left over after the Night Rune turned into a sword and split from the Sun Rune, the Dawn Rune is a one-of-a-kind rune and one of the three treasures of Falena. Borne on the right hand, the Dawn Rune grants its bearer a numerous powers, most importantly, the power to heal others who have wounds that would ordinarily kill them. Its true power comes, however, when used in conjunction with the Sun Rune. When combined with its counterpart, the Twilight Rune, the Dawn Rune has the power of the Sun Rune to stabilize and prevents the insanity bearing the Sun Rune normally causes.
When the Sindar people lived in Falena, they used the power of the Dawn Rune extensively. The water level in the Ceras Lake could be controlled through a Sindar dam that used the power of the Dawn Rune. The Sindar constructed similar buildings in the western forests and the northern mountains. Even though these palaces were not designed specifically for the Dawn Rune, the Dawn Rune could still activate them. After the disappearance of the Sindar, the Dawn Rune was kept in the East Palace of Falena on a magical bust, but an attack on the palace in 445 In Solis caused it to go missing. Officially, it seemed the people of Lordlake, who were revolting at the time, took it. In actuality, the Barows family had incited the people of Lordlake to attack in East Palace during protest of the construction of a dam that contaminated their water, using the riot for the Barows troops to enter the East Palace and steal the rune. Salum Barows hid the rune in a wardrobe in his basement, with only his son Euram being aware of its location; to prevent his daughter Luserina or anyone else from discovering the rune, Salum told the vault's guardian Chuck that a wedding present for Luserina had been hidden in the basement. It is unknown what Lord Barows planned to use the Dawn Rune for, though it is speculated that he either planned to use it as a goodwill offering to the nation of Armes, to trade it to the Godwins, or intended to keep it until he could figure out how to use it himself.
After the Prince of Falena discovers Lord Barows' attempts to align himself with Armes, a desperate Euram reveals that the Barows have the Dawn Rune. Luserina quickly deduces the rune's location and brings the Prince to the basement, where the Dawn Rune selects him as its host. During the Falenan Civil War, the Prince uses the Dawn Rune's various powers on the ruins of the Sindar, to heal his bodyguard Lyon from a wound that would have killed her otherwise, and to control a use of the Sun Rune. After the war, the Dawn Rune and the Twilight Rune are sealed in busts kept next to the Sun Rune.
Current Bearers: None
Previous Bearers: Lyon, Sialeeds Falenas, Alenia
A piece left over after the Night Rune turned into a sword and split from the Sun Rune, the Twilight Rune is a unique rune and one of the three treasures of Falena. Borne on the left hand, the Twilight Rune grants its bearer tremendous offensive power. When used in conjunction with the Sun and Dawn Runes, the insanity that occurs with bearing the Sun Rune can be halted, and the power of the rune can be forcibly quelled.
The Sindar people used the power of the Twilight Rune, their western buildings were built with the Twilight Rune serving as a key. Although the eastern buildings and northern ones were not constructed specifically for the Twilight Rune, the Twilight Rune still can function as a key for them. During the reign of the Queendom of Falena, the Twilight Rune was kept in the West Palace. It wasn't until the civil war would become more extreme between the Prince's faction and the Godwin faction that the Godwins would call upon its power.
The first bearer of the rune was Alenia, a Queen's Knight loyal to the Godwin cause. The rune mistress Jeane is able to attach the rune to Alenia, but Alenia was unable to draw out the power of the rune. When Gizel Godwin realized that the Twilight Rune would only allow a bearer it had chosen to utilize its full power, he had the rune removed from Alenia. The Twilight Rune subsequently chose Sialeeds, the sister of Queen Arshtat, as its next bearer. Unlike Alenia, the Twilight Rune allowed itself to be used by Sialeeds, who was able to wield its destructive powers to a great extent, including the destruction of forces the Godwins had prepared to ambush the Prince of Falena. Though Sialeeds attempts to use the Twilight Rune to destroy the main dam at Sol-Falena to sweep the Prince's army away, the Prince's arrival at the dam and the realization that someone is using the Sun Rune's power forces Sialeeds and the Prince to cooperate with the runes to curb the Sun Rune's power. The strain of stopping the attack is too much for the wounded Sialeeds and the rune selects the Prince's bodyguard Lyon as Sialeeds' successor. In the war's final battle, Lyon uses the Twilight Rune at the northern ruins alongside the Prince's Dawn Rune to subdue the Sun Rune. After the war, the Twilight Rune is removed and placed back on a magical bust, where is kept alongside the Dawn and Sun Runes.
Current Owner: Sasarai
Past Owners: Unknown
A True Rune representing the power of the earth. The Earth Rune and Mother Earth Rune are born from this rune. It is currently owned by the Priest General, Sasarai. Its powers are vast, granting great protection spells to its bearer.
Current Owner: Hugo, Chris Lightfellow, or Geddoe (assumed to be Hugo by most sources)
Past Owners: The Flame Champion
A True Rune representing the power of fire. The Fire Rune and Rage Rune are born from this True Rune. It is currently owned by the new Flame Champion, but it used to be owned by Harmonia. Hidden in the depths of the One Temple, this rune was stolen by the "Fire Bringer." Since then, the "Flame Champion" fought against Harmonian troops and even defeated them in numerous battles. However, the Flame Champion disappeared after wishing to be free from the True Rune's destiny, removing it from his body using an ancient Sindar secret. The rune grants powerful flame-based spells that hurt friend and foe alike if within the area of effect.
Current Owner: Geddoe or Hugo (assumed to be Geddoe by most sources)
Past Owners: Geddoe
A True Rune representing the power of lightning. The Lightning and Thunder Runes are born from this rune. The rune was a treasure of a nation destroyed by Harmonia, but Geddoe escaped this nation with the True Rune. Later he lent his powers to the Flame Champion during the huge conflict in the Grasslands. He has sealed the powers of the True Lightning Rune ever since, but unsealed it during the 2nd Flame Champion War. The rune grants incredibly powerful offensive spells to its bearer.
Current Owner: Chris Lightfellow or Hugo (assumed to be Chris by most sources)
Past Owners: Wyatt Lightfellow
A True Rune representing the power of water. The Water and Flowing Runes are born from this rune. Owned by Wyatt Lightfellow, the rune played a part during the First Fire Bringer War, assisting the Flame Champion along with the True Lightning Rune. Since that conflict, the rune has been sealed in multiple locations, but was unsealed once again during the Second Fire Bringer War, where the rune is passed on from the hands of Wyatt to either Chris Lightfellow or Hugo. The rune grants powerful healing spells along with attack spells to its bearer.
Current Owner: Unknown
Past Owners: Luc
A True Rune representing the power of the wind. The Wind Rune and Cyclone Rune are born from this True Rune. It its current owner is unknown, but it was owned by Luc until recently. Luc has been seen using this rune to summon a Golem, and he also used it to defeat Harmonian forces during the Dunan Unification War. He also attempted to destroy the True Wind Rune during the second Flame Champion War, but failed due to the resistance given by the new flame champion.

Commonly Mistaken True RunesEdit

Due to misinformation, many people are under the assumption that some runes are True Runes, when they in fact are not. Here is a list of commonly misunderstood runes.

Current Owner: Stallion
Past Owners: Cedric
The True Holy Rune, despite its name, is not a true rune. The original Japanese word, "Shin shin gyou hou no monsyou" literally translates to, "True divine transportation method rune," and is based on an actual item used in the original story, the Water Margin. Konami has confirmed this rune to be a normal support rune.
Current Owner: N/A
Past Owners: Windy
The Conquerer Rune is often thought of as a True Rune, but some simple logic will tell otherwise. For one thing, even Windy can only wield two true runes at once. The fact the she already had the Front Gate Rune, and her attempt to obtain the Soul Eater would make it obvious that the conquerer rune is a normal rune (albeit quite rare). Also, sources list this rune to be a "Miscellaneous Rune" (such as the official guide). In fact, the Conquerer Rune is merely the official name of the Black Rune, which Windy uses to control Kwanda Rosman and Milich Oppenheimer.
Current Owner: Viki
Past Owners: Viki
Some people claim that Viki's Blinking Rune is a true rune, but there is no evidence from official sources that confirm this baseless speculation, not to mention the fact a second Blinking Rune is attainable in Rokkaku Hamlet.
Current owner: Jeane
Even though the rune seemed unique and the owner, Jeane remained young and well over hundreds of years. But throughout the series, and with words from Konami staff, Charm rune was confirmed as a rare regular rune while Jeane's nature was hinted to be not an ordinary being, thus that explained her agelessness.


  • Runes of Beginning and Gate are not complete. They were divided.
  • Despite the existence of the resurrection rune, there is no mention of the origin of this rune or it is derived from a true rune.

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