The True Holy Rune, despite its name, is not a true rune. The original Japanese word, "Shin shin gyou hou no monsyou" literally translates to, "True divine transportation method rune," and is based on an actual item used in the original story, the Water Margin. Konami has confirmed this rune to be a normal support rune. Later games have corrected the translation error and the rune is now more accurately named the Godspeed Rune.

Suikoden I & IIEdit

A rune unique to Stallion that speeds up ones travels on the world map and gives 100% chance for a sucessful retreat. It also allows the player to dash with the O button in towns and dungeons in Suikoden.

Suikoden IVEdit

A rune unique to Cedric that not only speeds up Lazlo's running, but the Ship of Obel as well.

Suikoden VEdit

Renamed as the Godspeed Rune, it is a rune unique to Cathari in Suikoden V. Allows 2× field movement speed and also allows a 100% escape rate.

Suikoden TacticsEdit

A rune unique to Cedric, it doubles movement. Increases Speed.