STac True Friends Attack
The True Friends Attack is a recurring unite attack in the Suikoden series. It involves a duo of human from the 108 Stars of Destiny coming together to causing significant damage to the enemy.

Suikoden IVEdit

The True Friends Attack deals 1.5x total damage(at lv.1) to one enemy. In it Snowe and Lazlo charge the enemy, first Snowe slashes the enemy, then Lazlo slashes the enemy, then Snowe slashes the enemy again and Lazlo slashes the enemy again. Finally both Snowe and Lazlo slash the enemy once more (followed by a replay) to end their attack.

Replaces the original Friends Attack at late game.

Required MembersEdit

SIV Lazlo En Kuldes Portrait2
Lazlo En Kuldes
SIV Snowe Portrait
Snowe Vingerhut

Suikoden TacticsEdit

Effect: Power 130
Special Notes: None
Enemy/Ally distinction: Yes
Delay until usable: Fast

Required MembersEdit

Lazlo En Kuldes
ST Snowe Portrait
Snowe Vingerhut