The True Earth Rune is one of the 27 True Runes, representing the element of earth. All lesser earth runes (Earth and Mother Earth) descend from this rune. It is currently possessed by Bishop Sasarai of Harmonia. It was first mentioned by Sasarai, although indirect, in Suikoden II.

During the Second Fire Bringer War in the Grasslands, The True Earth Rune was stolen by Luc to be used in a ritual to destroy the True Wind Rune. After the theft, Sasarai joined with the Fire Bringer to track down and stop Luc from performing the ritual. The Fire Bringer was successful, and Sasarai was able to reclaim the rune.


  • Guardian Earth: Cure all status and field effects.
  • Earthquake: Deals 800 damage to all land-based foes.
  • Canopy Defense: Protects all allies once from all magic.
  • Land of Eternity: Deals 1400 damage to all land-based foes.