The Tenko Star is one of the 108 Stars of Destiny, known also as the Lone Star.

The star is generally known to take the role as the protagonist's mentor and usually use swords, or another warrior type weapon, such as a poleaxe.

The original Tenko Star, from the novel Water Margin, was Lu Zhishen, born Lu Da and also known as Sagacious Lu and Flowery Monk. Lu has very little in common with his counterparts from the games, except that like Viktor he is a prominent character important to the plot. In Water Margin, he was an army major who fled and became a Buddhist monk after killing a man. He made a very poor monk, with his outrageous temper, love of meat, and alcoholism, but he often came to the aid of friends with his enormous strength, prowess, and Shaolin spade.

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