Taylor is the Chiyou Star in Suikoden V.



Taylor is a newspaper journalist, he make, edit and run his own newspaper. He is known for his wild ways of getting material. He was acquainted with Oboro, whom he often got information with.

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At the start of the Sun Rune War, after the Godwins took control of the Sun Palace he went there the very next day to cover the story, but the Godwin's thugs didn't let him into Sol-Falena, let alone in the Sun Palace. Taylor as an intrepid reporter tried to sneak in but was caught and threw him in the slammer. Taylor believes that a journalist has to be quick on his feet, so he was able to talk himself out.

Later he went to Ceras Lake Castle to asked Freyjadour Falenas about the castle and to deliver a message to Wasil. While he was at the castle he started to conduct an interview on the people of the castle with Freyjadour's permission. Impressed on Freyjadour's respect on the journalist profession and couldn't turn a blind eye while the Godwin's was trying to hide the truth, he decided to join in Freyjadour's Loyalist Army.

After the war, he pokes around Armes for a scoop. Ends up exposing massive corruption among the hard-line chieftains.

Role in the GameEdit

After the Battle of Lelcar, talk to Taylor outside Marina's Inn, and allow him to interview. Talk to him outside the Room of the Seal (Roof) and allow him to interview. Talk to him outside Georg's room and allow him to interview. He will join you after these three interviews. Leaving the castle before completing all three interview rooms will bring Taylor back to the inn, and you will have to start over.

At the Ceras Lake Castle Taylor writes and edits the Dawn Times, a newspaper that comes out after each major game event.

Taylor has the Analyze ability that allows you to see the enemies' status.

Taylor adds the Rumors skill to a military unit that decreases their enemies defensive strength.

  1. Taylor´s a newspaper reporter, known for his wild ways of getting material. You know that whole story about how he got arrested for being too aggressive with his investigation of the Godwins, right?
  2. I´ve known him well for quite a while. We´re both in the information business, so we sometimes meet and swap tidbits. Only difference is that I guard secrets. He exposes them. That gets awkward sometimes, let me tell you.
  3. When he was younger, he probably wouldn´t have helped us like he did with Doraat. He used to hold this belief that a journalist had to be impartial and fair. But after he realized who he should be reporting for, he changed.

  • A Comment Box, Huh?

If Your Highness wants my comments, they're all over the newspaper.

  • Roy

Well, I wanted to write something a little more specific. The problem is our newspaper sells so well...I didn't want the Godwin side to find out about Your Highness' decoy.

  • People from Foreign Lands

Come to think of it, a lot of people from countries other than Falena have joined the Loyalist Army. I'll bet if I interviewed all those foreigners and got their stories, it would make a really interesting article.

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