Talgeyl is the Tenki Star in Suikoden V.


Background Edit

Although he was originally Lord Rovere's steward, Talgeyl had a noble title, just like Lord Rovere. But once Talgeyl became the de facto ruler of Lordlake after his lordship was executed, he surrendered the title of noble.

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Personality Edit

Talgeyl is a very kind and rewarding man, he will not push anyone into something dangerous, unless they want to. His noble upbringing is seen in Talgeyl's exceptionally polite manner, but he is surprisingly stubborn and deadest in his path. He once clashed with Raja over something as simple as making tea.

Story Edit

Game Edit

Unlike many people in Lordlake, Talgeyl is not embittered towards the royal family, and treats the royal family with courtesy. This is shown when the Prince, and Lady Sialeeds come to tour. When Talgeyl's grandson Toma went missing, he did not push anyone such as Goesch, to risk his life to search for him. He values everyone's life, but also does not want to push anyone to something they wouldn't want to do.

After the Godwin coup and the Prince's break from Lord Barows's camp, Talgeyl believes that the Prince needs to see just how bad the suffering from Lordlake is. He shows him to Silva's clinic, and the horribly ill people as a result. After the Prince restores Lordlake's water, Talgeyl joins the Prince's army in gratitude as part of Lordlake's volunteer army.

Talgeyl has always been influenced by Lord Rovere's style of politics, and, following the end of the war and the establishment of the New Parliament, Talgeyl is elected as Chairperson and uses Lord Rovere's style of diplomacy to pass many new laws.

Role in the GameEdit

Joins automatically after restoring Lordlake.

Talgeyl can lead a four-star rune archer unit or rune archer ship. He also gives his unit one use of M. Earth which damages foes and heals his unit's wounded.

  1. Talgeyl used to be Lord Rovere´s steward. He even had a noble´s title, but he gave that up two years ago. Even without a title, though, he´s naturally become Lordlake´s leader, and everyone there counts on him.
  2. After the uprising, word is that he actually planned to follow Lord Rovere to the grave. But the way things were at the time, if he´d gone through with it, others might´ve done the same. That´s why he didn´t do it in the end.
  3. He´s as polite as he is stubborn. I heard he clashed with Raja the other day over how to make tea, of all things.

  • Lord Rovere

Quite the avid reader, he owned several valuable books, but there were all lost during the Lordlake uprising. It would have made Alhazred so happy if even a few of those 'tomes' resurfaced. What a shame...

  • Euram Barows

To be honest, it seems too late for him to apologize now... But we are considering forgiving him, all the same.

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