Takamu is the Chimou Star in Suikoden V.


Background Edit

Takamu was originally a court official at the Sun Palace. Ferid Egan wanted him to create and publish accurate map of the Queendom of Falena, for the use of all people, ever since then, he dedicated his life to that one task.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Takamu is a polite person with an an amazing sense of direction, which really helps him make his maps. He is so good that he can even travel upon elven roads without being lost. He is also careful on putting the map and color-codes on his map.

Story Edit


During the Sun Rune War, Godwins declared that maps were military secret. Takamu was stuck up for what Ferid told him and then Godwin locked him in Agate Prison. When Freyjadour Falenas went in Agate Prison, Cius and Freyjadour saw and freed him. Takamu immediately recognize Freyjadour after Cius call him your highness. Eventually Takamu join in the Loyalist Army after Freyjadour invited and found his surveying and plotting items. After the war, he takes on the maddening task of mapping the underground water vein while the dwarves tunnel all around it.

Role in the GameEdit

After recruiting Lucretia, bring Cius OR Lelei to Agate Prison and meet Takamu. Find his maps in the basement, and let him join afterwards.

Takamu adds the Escape Route ability that allows you to escape without fail from battles. Takamu is also able to find the path to Lunas which allows you to recruit five other characters.

Takamu adds the Speed Up ability to a military unit.

  1. Takamu was originally a court official at the Sun Palace. Then Ferid ordered him to make an accurate map of Falena, and Takamu dedicated his life to that one task.
  2. I asked Shigure to find flaws in Takamu´s maps. Not that I doubted him or anything -- I was just curious. When Shigure got back, he just went off yelling, "These maps don´t have any flaws! Don´t waste my time like this!"
  3. One of his talents is a great sense of direction. They say he never gets lost, not even in caves or deep forests. If ever a man was meant for cartography, he´s the one.

  • The Aethelbald Family

Maps from a hundred years ago clearly show that Stormfist and the Hershville Naval Base were Aethelbald domains.

  • A Cave?

I didn't know anything about the cave Your Highness and Jeane went in. Now I'm quite ashamed of all that bragging about making 'the most accurate map of Falena ever.'

  • Isato

I'm upset. He came to confront me about how I made it into the forest. What does he mean, 'How'? Can't everyone do it? I don't know how to respond.

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