Suikoden IIEdit

A rune unique to Genshu , deals 1x damage and has a 30% chance to instant kill. Genshu becomes unbalanced afterwards.

Suikoden V Edit

A rune unique to Richard that has a 20% chance of instant death to one foe or 2x damage to one foe. Allows critical hit and multi strike.

Suikoden TacticsEdit

A rune unique to Kyril. It offers the following spells:

  • Flying Swallow: Deals 0.8x normal damage to one enemy.
  • Flying Swallow Cut: Deals 0.5x normal damage to enemies within range.
  • Flying Swallow Slash: Deals 3.0x normal damage to one enemy.

Trivia Edit

The Swallow Rune gets it's name as a reference to the favored sword technique of the real Kojiro Sasaki which was called the Tsubame Gaeshi or "Turning Swallow Cut".