There are some advice in the wikipedia for Featured Article which is really good and any admins here on this wiki can follow it, but, we also post stub article for exposure and some people might add usable/accurate information on it.

There are three images to update on the Gallery on the main page, these are:

  1. File:Slider-I.png for article
  2. File:Slider-II.png for official images of Suikoden.
  3. File:Slider-III.png for Suikoden Fan Art
  • To update the image, click one of the image link above and on the edit dropdown button click replace.
  • To update the name, link and caption on the Featured Gallery at the main page, please visit the Template:Slider.

Rules on updating the featured Article/Images/Fan ArtEdit

  1. The nominated article must be an article from Suikoden Wikia.
  2. Same article can be featured twice a year.
  3. If no user nominate/request for Article/Images/Fan Art, we the admins will automatically featuring any article on the Template:Slider.
  4. Image size 670x360px.
  5. Background to use File:Featured_BG.png.
  6. Add the name, link and caption of the article on Template:Slider.
  7. The minimum amount of time an article can be featured is one week. As much as possible update the featured article weekly.
  8. The featured article shall be categorize on their respected featured category.
  9. One featured category per article is a must! The old featured category should be remove and be replace by the current featured category.
  10. If there are no available featured category for the article that is currently feature please create a featured category for it. The Title of the Featured Category should be in numerical order. The newly created Category should be categorize as Featured.

Featured Article CategoryEdit

Categorizing Featured ArticleEdit

  • The old featured category should be removed and replaced by the current featured category.
  • One featured category per article is a must!

Q & AEdit

  1. Do you featured an article that is not on this wiki?
  2. How long does the featured article last on the spotlight?
    One week is the minimum and it can be extended until the admin is available to update the Featured Articles.
  3. Where can I view the featured article?
    On Suikoden Wikia's mainpage gallery.