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Welcome to Suikoden Wikia, the encyclopedia about Suikoden that anyone can edit. Suikoden Wikia was created on December 5, 2005, we currently have 96,905 edits to 4,236 articles and 6,876 files on this wiki.
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  • You can add an article about everything and anything related to the Suikoden universe! Just remember to check if that page already exist.
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  • Kika is the earliest known character to know the Falcon Rune. It adds many questions, since Valeria, Anita and Belcoot all learned the Falcon Rune from Roundier Haia. Is Roundier Haia in possession of a True Rune and taught Kika? Did Kika know the Falcon Rune before Roundier Haia?

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All the Photos and Videos that is not in used will be deleted, except for the photo's that is on the Suikoden Wiki, Badges and Rating Images category.

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