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Welcome to Suikoden Wiki, the encyclopedia about Suikoden that anyone can edit.Suikoden Wiki was created on August 19, 2005, we are currently working on 3,738 articles.

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  • You can add an article about everything and anything related to the Suikoden universe! Just remember to check if that page already exist.


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We accept non suikoden pictures and non suikoden videos but please be sure that you categorize it. Here is the category for Non Suikoden Image Non Suikoden Images and for Non Suikoden Videos Non Suikoden Videos and you can only post it in your user profile or on the Anyone Can Post Their Message Here just please be sure that you read the rules first.
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The Suikoden Wikia Community is still starting it's new chapter and it need's more people around. Please help making this community more lively as much as possible. We know it's hard but we can try... Suikoden Wikia is Thanking Everyone for their contribution, effort and views.

If you have any questions please contact the Admin.

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