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Welcome to Suikoden Wiki, the encyclopedia about Suikoden that anyone can edit.Suikoden Wiki was created on December 5, 2005, we are currently working on 3,974 articles.

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Suikoden 20th anniversary fanbook
Miss. CarmenMCS is making a Suikoden Fanbook for the 20th anniversary of the series. She is looking for any artist around that wants to participate! Illustrators and writers for either poetry or fanfics are welcome. For now, she are just asking to see how many of us are interested, and during the second week of April she'll put some final information after talking to you all... so suggest things (what kind of thing you feel like participating in? An illustrations book? A comic book?) and ask your questions (she'll be adding them to their to-be-published FAQ).

If your interested please visit the link below:

Suikoden 20th anniversary fanbook Deviant Art

From an Editor 07:29, March 26, 2015 (UTC)

Genso Chiepoo Merchandise

Genso Chiepoo 01:16, March 2, 2015 (UTC)

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