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  • On February 24, 2006, Suikoden Tactics was released in Europe for Sony PlayStation 2.

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Music Battle Dated: Feb. 5, 2018 - Mar. 5, 2018
In the Suikoden Series there many great songs from the Suikoden soundtrack. We've chosen a few of our favorite songs to add to the poll, to compete against each other. The music below have 30 seconds playtime. To listen, click the play button then vote for the one you like. May the best song win!

---Voting Ends February 5, 2018---

Which of this music is the best?

La Mer

Ah, Beautiful Dancer

Calming Everyday Life

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  • Mina & Karen are the only castle dancers, and there haven't been any more dancers since Suikoden II.
  • Not a single Tenkai Star/main protagonist fell in love in the series, although some characters have fallen for them. This is because they are usually busy commanding the army, recruiting, etc.
  • The only Tenki Stars to fight in battle are Liu-Shen and Regius, who are both from other universes.
  • Elves generally use bows as their weapon in the series, however, Nei, Paula, Selma, and Mercenary Leader are the only Elves to not use a Bow and Arrow as their weapon.
  • In the main series, Dwarves don't appear in Suikoden II and Suikoden IV, while in Suikoden, Suikoden III and Suikoden V, they make an appearance. Suikoden III has only one recruit, while Suikoden V has five recruits. While the first Suikoden doesn't have any recruits, dwarves do appear in a Dwarf village.
  • Jeane is the most recurring character in the series, appearing in nine games.
  • Geddoe is the oldest main character in the series, at 112. This is because he has the True Lightning Rune on him before the events of Suikoden III start.

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