Name Description Gain From Trade To
Black Pepper Rare spice imported from overseas.
Butterfly Wing Light and strong. Used to make gorgeous clothing.
Ch'olui Cabbage Cabbage sweetened by the Ch'olui Mountains frost.
Citro Tomato Delicious, ripe, red tomato grown in Citro Village.
Copper Ore Abundant, cheap ore. Easy to work with.
Cotton Thread Thread made from the fibers of the cotton plant.
Darkness Stone From Rarohenga creature. Eerily absorbs light.
Death Skull Rarohenga monster skull. Emits the sound of the screams.
Demon Corn Ear One of the "Three Delicacies." Can even be eaten raw.
Demon Horn From head of a demon beast. Light as a feather.
Dragon Hide Tanned hide. Can't be cut with ordinary blades.
Dragon Meat Extremely rare sliced dragon tail meat. Delectable.
Dried Truffle One of the "Three Delicacies." Dried Venus Truffle.
Eternal Feather A feather that will never molder. Feels weightless.
Fish Guts One of the "Three Delicacies." From huge ancient fish.
Gazelle Fur Soft and light. Used for clothing and bedding.
Giant Crab Meat Meat of huge crab from a faraway island nation.
Glow Bead Bead that shines brightly. It's use is unclear.
Gold Ore Very valuable. Can be collected in the Janam region.
Googly Tree Sap Diluted for health safety. Speeds healing.
Herbal Medicine Compounded from several natural, medicinal plants.
Iris Stone Very rare stone of rainbow hues. From Renegade.
Iron Ore Abundant, cheap ore. Easy to work with.
Janam Potato A versatile vegetable. Special product of Janam.
Laggart Pelt The pelt of a Laggart. Rough and stiff.
Life Lichen Rare lichen that brings one back from the dead.
Lizard Skin Tough yet pliant. Used for clothing and in furniture.
Marsinah Carrot Nurtured by the sunshine of the Marsinah Plains.
Mislato Salmon Popular fish caught in Mislato River.
Moonlight Stone A glittering stone that glows in the Moonlight.
Netherlion Horn Horn of the king of beasts. Cuts through anything.
Pekklar Meat Marbled Pekklar breast meat. Juicy and delicious.
Piercer Beak Beak of Piercer Bird. Too hard to process.
Prismatic Peach Can only be picked by people from other worlds.
Rainbow Cloth Shines in rainbow hues. Woven from Rainbow Thread.
Rainbow Thread Make from rainbow substance obtained from the Renegade.
Raparo Meat The tender meat of a migratory shore bird.
Rock Salt Product of Naineneis. Cooking Seasoning.
Scorpion Hide Tanned and tough. Used for weapons and furniture.
Silk Cloth Lustrous cloth with nice feel. Woven from Silk Thread.
Silk Thread Made from silk spun by the Silkmoth Larva.
Silver Ore Valuable ore. Can only be collected at Mount Svatgol.
Sugar Cane Grown in Pharamond wastelands. Used as a sweetener.
Sunlight Stone A glittering stone that shines in the sunlight.
Uncut Diamond Very rare rough gem. Sparkles when cut and polished.
Uncut Emerald Rough Wind Magic gem from depths of Grayridge Mine.
Uncut Ruby Rough Fire Magic gem. Abundant at Mount Svatgol.
Uncut Sapphire Rough Water Magic gem. Abundant in Naineneis region.
Uncut Topaz Rough Earth Magic gem. Abundant in the Janam Desert.
Water Bead Shimmering, Water-filled bead from Balloon Lizard.
Whale Tusk Tusk from ancient whale. Most metals won't cut it.
Wool Yarn Yarn made from fur wool.
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