Name Description Effect Gain From
Antitoxin Bitter, dried medicinal herbs. Cures Poison.
Broiled Serpent Charcoal-broiled Sea Serpent. Ups Magic Attack. Magic Attack +50
Cheery Incense Restores HP of all allies a little with energizing scent. HP +50
Cough Drop Honey and Herb candy drop. Cures Silence.
Crab Stew Stew of giant crab and veggies. Ups Physical Defense. Physical Defense +50
Dragon Patty Ground Dragon tail. Ups Physical Defense and Magic Defense. Physical Defense +50; Magic Defense +50
Fire Bomb Balsam's gem and gunpowder Fire Magic Grenade.
Healing Incense Restores HP of all allies moderately with healing scent. HP +100
Herbed Raparo Raparo Roasted with herbs. Restores a little HP and MP. HP +100; MP +100
Hornbull Soup Stock made from Hornbull horn. Ups Physical Attack. Attack +50
Janamese Salad Healthy vegetable salad. Cures all status effects.
Lightning Bomb Balsam's gem and gunpowder Lightning Magic grenade.
Medicine Standard household medicine. Restores a little HP. HP +100 Buy from Vendors
Mega Medicine Standard household medicine. Restores a lot of HP. HP +300 Buy From Vendors
Mint Restores a little MP with refreshing scent of mint. MP +50
Mixed Herbs Restores some MP with the fragrant scent of the herbs. MP +200
Mystic Medicine Herbal Medicine and Googly Tree. Give Full HP and MP. HP +999; MP +999
Peach Juice Freshly squeezed Prismatic Peach. Ups Magic Defense. Magic Defense +50
Pekklar Steak Grilled Pekklar seasoned with salt. Fully restores HP. HP +999
Revival Statue Statue covered with Life Lichen. Cures Unconsciousness.
Roasted Corn Roasted Demon Corn Ear. Causes Fury.
Salted Guts The salted guts of an ancient fish. Causes Alertness.
Taint Bomb Balsam's gem and gunpowder Poison Magic grenade.
Tranquilizer A soothing selective medicine. Cures COnfusion.
Truffle Stew Stewed Venus Truffle. Stores a lot of MP. MP +500
Water Bomb Balsam's gem and gunpowder Water magic grenade.
108 Stars of Destiny
36 Stars of Heaven
72 Stars of Earth
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