The Event mission on Suikoden Tierkreis is automatically accepted by the hero. While the Quest Quild mission must be accepted by the hero while talking to Moana. On the mission the hero accepted he might found a new recruit, receive a special item and money.


Mission Description Gain
Check Things Out 10,000 Potch
Cynas Siege 30,000 Potch
Defend Citro Village 10,000 Potch
Defend Pharamond 30,000 Potch
Defend the Castle Great Sword and Sapphire Rod
Engage the Archivists! 10,000 Potch
Escort me to Salsabil Bring Kureyah to Salsabil. 10,000 potch
Escape from the Order 5,000 Potch
Expose Macoute's Evil 5,000 Potch
Find the Chief 100 Potch
Find the 12th Chronicle 5,000 Potch
Find the Desert Chronicle 1,000 Potch
Formless Demon Hunting Potch
Fort Arc Siege 30,000 Potch
Get Cougar Back Home Water Dragon Claws
Get Rid of Eastern Laggart 500 Potch
Goodbye, Magedom 5,000 Potch
Help Research Chronicles 10,000 Potch
Help the Furious Roar 30,000 Potch and Argent Fist
Hurry to the Magedom 10, 000 Potch
Journey to the West 20,000 Potch
Ladzaa Fortress Siege 30,000 Potch
Ladzaa Fortress Siege Again 30,000 Potch
Make Allies of Auster Folk 30,000 Potch and Hell Fist
Make Allies of the Porpos 10,000 Potch
Nab the Intruders! 1,000 Potch
Pharamond Siege 50,000 Potch
Rescue the Prisoners 20,000 Potch
Rescue Sophia! 40,000 Potch
Scout Out Ladzaa Fortress 20,000 Potch
Showdown with Dirk Demon Spear
The World's Largest Library 500 Potch
To the Library at last 50 Potch
To the Magedom of Janam 10,000 Potch
To the Tower of the Way! 10,000 Potch
Track Down Marica's Double Bone Axel
Warn Citro Village 5,000 Potch

Quest GuildEdit

Mission Description Gain
1st Empress Consort Shairah 5,000 Potch
2nd Empress Consort Rizwan 5,000 Potch
3rd Empress Consort Kureyah 5,000 potch
Arcane Academy Tour 100 Potch
Astrasian Good 3,000 Potch
Atrie's World Scale Shield
Bring Icas to Me 1,000 Potch
Chancellor's Age 1,000 Potch
Chancellor's Age, Revisited
Clean up the Woodlands 50,000 Potch
Correcting Our Error
Correcting Our Error Again
Defend Grayridge 50,000 Potch
Demon Hunting in Gineh 10,000 Potch
Discordant Countermeasures 5,000 Potch
Flush Out the Criminal
Find Somebody 1,000 Potch
Find Somebody in Rarohenga 30,000 Potch
Find Icas 500 Potch
Find My Fated Lover Go to Ch'olui Mountain's peak and speak to the woman in there. After the scene is finish go to your HQ and accept this mission. Maybelle will come out after the scene again go to your room and Maybelle is in there. After the scene head out on the HQ with Marica on your party. Sieg will say I can't take this anymore and you will automatically in Leader's room and let Maybelle to touch the Book. 10,000 Potch
Find the Sticky Criminal! 5,000 Potch
Furious Roar Goods 1,000 Potch and Pekklar Meat
Gateway to Infinity 10,000 Potch
Gather Animals 5,000 Potch and Pekklar Meat
Gather Animals 2 If Failed: Pekklar Meat
If Succeed:
Get Rid of Citro Monster Other Marica will join you on this mission. 30,000 potch
Get Rid of Mislato Monster 40,000 Potch and Darkness Cape
Get Rid of the Snow Fairy Accept this mission after recruiting Dogha go to Ch'olui Mountain without Dogha in your party. After the battle with Snow Fairy go to HQ and speak to Dogha then go to Cholui Mountain again and say to Snow Fairy that you are full and ask her to join. Ch'olui Cabbage
Get Rid of Woodland Monster 50,000 Potch and Death Helm
Help Them Dig 10,000 Potch
Help them Dig 30,000 Potch and Uncut Topaz
How Vaslof and Resno Met
I can't take my Mask Off! 100 Potch
I Need Laggart Pelts To be successful on this mission bring Hotupa with Tuhululu 30,000 Potch, Rainbow Thread, Silk Cloth and Rainbow Cloth
I want to see the Elder 100 Potch
Keflen's World
Let Me Perform! 100 Potch
Letter from Lonomakua
Looking For Action 10 Potch
Lugenik Goods
Magedom's Two Chronicles 1,000 Potch
Make My Son a Man 100 Potch
Manaril and Hina
Mass Production of Guns Let Geschutz, Minen, Buchse and Khemia finish this job. 50,000 Potch, Prototype Guns and Prototype Rifle
My Husband's Birthplace 1,000 Potch
North Star Cuisine Dragon Patty and Crab Stew.
North Star Women
One more mission 100 Potch
Oracle Quarrel Hell Fist
Order Approach Naneneis 30,000 Potch
Order Soldiers in Plains 50,000 Potch
Pay Back Time 100 Potch
Play acting Priestess 1,000 Potch
Plowin' the Field You'll be successful on this mission if the party/character you send have high strength ability. 5,000 Potch, Citro Tomato and Janam Potato
Plowin' the Field 2
Porpos Abducted To activate this mission speak to Numnu at the Entry in Naineneis. Trident
Rarohenga 1,000 Potch
Request from Gadburg 50,000 Potch and Evil-Eye Sword
Scribe Names
Search for Nhazu For this mission to open up you must first visit the Ch'olui Mountain after your HQ upgrade then talk to Nhazu and agree that you take him to Dogha's house after the scene leave the Ch' olui Mountain and go to Moana and accept the mission. 10,000 Potch
Secret of Black Blades Send Chrodechild, Roberto and Meruvis on this mission. Black Blade
Seek Squidcreeper Sap If Failed: 100 Potch and Whale Tusk
If Succeed: 5000 Potch Mislato Salmon and Whale Tusk
Servillah and Eusmil
Sisuca and Nemne Send Marica and the Porpos-kin with Anya 1,000 Potch
Something for You For this mission to open up you need Nuzhat in your HQ let her build the Cellar. After she build the cellar accept her invitation and fight the dream beast. God-Beast Sword
Something I want to Check Salted Guts and Roasted Corn.
Sorry to keep Bugging You! 50,000 Potch
Special Proposal Rifle
Taj's Secret
Taking Care of the Stone Tablet Sisuca and Marica are the best choice. Broom and 10,000 Potch
That World in the Ravine
The Green Stone 100 Potch
The Other Marica's World Crescent Axe
The Promised Visit 10,000 Potch
The Return of Megion Water Dragon Claws
The Seven Imperial Generals
The Wanderers' World
War is an Offering? 1,000 Potch
Windows Beyond the Gateway Sieg will actually failed this mission so don't worry. 100 Potch
Window Information Sieg will actually failed this mission so don't worry. 100 Potch
Zenoa Interview
108 Stars of Destiny
36 Stars of Heaven
72 Stars of Earth
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