Name Description Effect Gain From
Accessory Angel Smile Proof of victory in a girls' beauty contest. None;
Accessory Bewitch Charms Proof of victory in a women's beauty contest. None;
Accessory Copper Armband An armband wrought of a copper. Defense +4; Skill +3;
Accessory Emerald Ring The wind dances inside its gem. Raise Magic. Magic +20; Defense +10;
Accessory Gauntlets Protectiion for sword wielders. Made of iron. Attack +4; Defense +6; Skill +4;
Accessory Gloves Gloves made of thick leather. Defense +3; Skill +2;
Accessory Godspeed Talisman A charm that lets yo fly like the wind. None;
Accessory Iris Necklace Set with a gem that radiates rainbow light. Attack +10; Magic +10; Defense +10; Magic Defense +10; Skill +10; Speed +10;
Accessory Magic Armband Raises the power of concentration of the wearer. Magic +4; Defense +2; Magic Defense +4; Skill +4;
Accessory Master's Gloves Hone skills. Worn by a legendary blademaster. Attack +20; Defense +10; Skill +50;
Accessory Mittens Warm and cute hand coverings. Defense +2; Skill +1;
Accessory Moon Necklace A Moonlight Stone Necklace, filled with magic. Magic +30; Magic Defense +30;
Accessory Ninja Gloves Improve skills. The favorite gloves of Ninja. Defense +15; Skill +15; Speed +15;
Accessory Princely Gaze Proof of victory in a men's handsome contest. None;
Accessory Ruby Ring A flame flickers inside its gem. Raises attack. Attack +20; Defense +10;
Accessory Sapphire Ring Water undulates inside it's gem. Raises speed. Defense +10; Speed +20;
Accessory Strength Sash Only for one with iron fists and muscles of steel. Attack +30; Defense +10;
Accessory Sun Necklace A Sunlight Stone necklace, brimming with light energy. HP +200; Defense +10;
Accessory Topaz Ring Sand flows inside its gem. Raises Defense. Defense +10; Magic Defense +20;
Accessory Unicorn Armband A unicorn relief. Turns magic power into attack power. Attack +10, Magic -10; Defense +10; Magic Defense -10;


Light ArmorEdit

Name Description Effect Gain From
LightSTierArmor Beetle Leather Leather reinforced with Giant Bug Shell. Light. Defense +55;
LightSTierArmor Chain Mail Armor made of interlinked iron. High defense. Defense +20.
LightSTierArmor Cloth Armor Allows freedom of movement. Thick layers of cloth. Defense +13;
LightSTierArmor Dragon Leather Extremely tough leather armor made of Dragon Hide. Defense +65;
LightSTierArmor Gold Chain Beatiful armor of gold links. Heavey but high defense. Defense +35
LightSTierArmor Iron Corset Women's armor that draws in the waist. Defense +25;
LightSTierArmor Leather Armor Widely-popular armor made of tanned hide. Defense +8;
LightSTierArmor Silver Chain Links of silver. Light and strong. Wards off evil. Defense +28;
LightSTierArmor Spun Silver Armor Tanned hide embroidered with magic spun silver. Defense +45; Magic+20;


Name Description Effect Gain From
Armor Beast Armor Armor covered with the hide of a sacred beast. Magic +30; Defense +60; Magic Defense +30;
Armor Bishamon Armor Carved from a Giant Bug Shell, Power of war god within. Attack +20; Defense +60;
Armor Bone Mail Armor made of processed bone. Defense +15;
Armor Dragon Armor Strong armor of metal reinforced with Dragon Hide. Defense +55;
Armor Gold Mail Gorgeous armor of gold. Defense is quite high. Defense +45;
Armor Hero's Armor Legendary armor thought to have been worn by hero. Defense +70; Skill +30; Speed +30;
Armor Iris Mail Armor made of metal refined from iris Stone. Defense +65;
Armor Iron Mail Ordinary iron armor. Has high Defense. Defense +25;
Armor Scale Mail Light, strong armor covered with metal scales. Defense +32;
Armor Silver Dragon Armor made of magical, linked spun silver. Defense +60; Magic Defense +20;
Armor Silver Mail Silver armor. High Defense. Wards off evil, too. Defense +38;
Armor Star Armor Armor made to be worn by a Starbearer. Attack +30; Magic +30; Defense +80;
Armor Stone Armor Very High Defense but to heavy to move quickly in. Defense +40; Skill-20; Speed -20; Luck -20;
Armor Venus Armor Armor that is pleasing to the eye. Defense +65; Magic +30;
Armor Warrior Armor Light, strong. For followers of the path of the sword. Attack +10; Defense +50;
Armor Wind Spun Armor Extremely light. Spun by a wind fairy for a lark. Defense +50; Skill +20;
Armor Winged mail Armor with small feather ornaments. Defense +25; Speed +10;

Heavy ArmorEdit

Name Description Effect Gain From
HeavyArmor Argent Armor White light wards off evil. Heavy, full body armor. Defense +60; Speed -12;
HeavyArmor Crab Armor Armor made from the shell of a Giant Crab. Defense +50; Speed -16;
HeavyArmor Diamond Armor Heavy armor made of diamond. Defense +70; Speed -14;
HeavyArmor Full Plate Heavy Iron Armor that covers the entire body. Defense +30; Speed -6;
HeavyArmor Giant's Armor Defense +99; Speed -20;
HeavyArmor Gilded Armor Heavy, metal armor adorned with gold thread. Attack +30; Defense +70; Speed -14;
HeavyArmor Order Armor The standard-issue armor of Order troops. Defense +80; Speed -10;
HeavyArmor Shell Backplate An entire tortoise shell to protect the back. Heavy. Dfense +40; Speed -8;
HeavyArmor Sterling Armor Heavy metal armor adorned with spun silver. Defense +70; Magic Defense +30; Speed -14;


Name Description Effect Gain From
Boots Adept's Shoes Possibly once worn by a famous martial artist. Attack +20; Defense +15; Skill +20;
Boots Angel Sandals Worn by heavenly messenger. Light as a feather. HP +50; MP +50; Defense +10; Magic Defense +10; Speed +10; Luck +10;
Boots Bone Boots Stiff boots made of carved bone. Defense +6; Speed +2;
Boots Clown Shoes Gaudy, pointed shoes. They bring luck? Defense +5; Skill +3; Speed +3; Luck +3;
Boots Cotton Shoes Very easy to walk in. Defense +2; Speed +4;
Boots Dragon Leggings Leggings made of Dragon Hide. Defense +30; Speed +5;
Boots Fur Shoes Shoes made of fur. Extremely warm. Defense +6; Speed +1;
Boots Gold Boots Maginficent golden boots. Have high Defense, too. Defense +15; Speed +4; Luck +4;
Boots Iron Boots Boots wrought of iron. They have high defense. Defense +8; Speed +4;
Boots Knight's Boots The symbol of an elite knight. Defense +20; Speed +10;
Boots Leather Boots Leather boots with a feeling of quality. Defense +4; Speed +4;
Boots Ninja Gaiters Makes one fleet of foot. The favorite footwear of ninja. Defense +15; Skill +20; Speed +20;
Boots Noble Shoes Shoes that instantly make the wearer look noble. Defense +8; Speed +4; Luck +10;
Boots Sandals Easy to slip on for a quick stroll. Defense +1; Speed +2;
Boots Silver Boots Boots wtought of silver. They ward off evil. Defense +10; Magic Defense +5; Speed +4;
Boots Stiletto Heels Becoming Shoes for the adult woman. None;


Name Description Effect Gain From
Cloak Crimson Cape Worn by a Hell Knight. A cape redder the blood. HP -50; Defense +20; Magic Defense +10;
Cloak Darkness Cape Worn by a Soul Eater. A cape as dark as night. MP -50; Defense +10; Magic Defense +20;
Cloak Fur Cape A cape made of fur. Protects one from the cold. Defense +7; Magic Defense +6;
Cloak Hero's Cape It looks like the cape once worn by a hero... Defense +20; Magic Defense +20;
Cloak Knight's Cape The symbol of an elite knight. Defense +25; Magic Defense +5;
Cloak Magical Cape A cape capable of counteract magic. Defense +5; Magic Defense +15;
Cloak Noble's Cape Instantly makes the weare looks noble. Defense +5; Luck +20;
Cloak Solk Cape Made of smooth silk with a nice sheen and feel. Defense +10; Magic Defense +5;
Cloak Sun Cloak Shield one from the sun. Worn by dessert crossers. Defense +5;


Name Description Effect Gain From
STierClothes Adept's Singlet Worn by legendary martial artist. Brings strength. Attack +4; Defense +18;
STierClothes Bondage Suit A sexy outfit that enhances a woman's charm. Defense +40;
STierClothes Dream Half coat Defense +30; Skill +30; Speed +30; Luck +30;
STierClothes Goddess Raiment Celestial robe made of a mysterious cloth. Magic +10; Defense +45; Magic Defense +10; Speed +10
STierClothes Martial Arts Gi Tarining wear for aspiringf martial artists. Defense +10;
STierClothes Ninja Garb Favorite of ninja. Easy to move in. Doesn't rustle. Defense +25; Skill +10; Speed +10;
STierClothes Old Vestments Old and tattered but conceals powerful magic. Magic +20; Defense +55; Magic Defense +20;
STierClothes Party Dress A gorgeous sparkling dress for fancy affair. Defense +30;
STierClothes Red Loincloth Brings nearly overwhelming power. Very manly. HP +50; Attack +10; Defense +6;
STierClothes Stomach Band Not much Defense, but keeps the Stomach warm. Defense +2;
STierClothes Tai CHi Garb Has a large yin and yang symbol on the back. Defense +30
STierClothes Thundergod Garb Allow's you to move with the speed of a thunderbolt? Defense +12; Speed +10;
STierClothes Tunic Lose, comfy and widely-popular garment. Defense +3;


Name Description Effect Gain From
Helm Bone Helmet A helmet made of carved bone. Defense +4;
Helm Corn Husk Hat. A hat made of Woven Demon Corn husk. Attack +30; Defense +15;
Helm Cotton Hat A hat made of cotton. Defense +3; Magic Defense +2;
Helm Death Helm A hollowed-out Death Skull. Do you hear screams? Attack +20; Magic +20; Defense +15; Magic Defense +15; Luck -20;
Helm Dragon Helm A helmet reinforced with Dragon Hide. Defense +30; Magic Defense +20;
Helm Feather Hat A thick hat rich with feathers. Light yet durable. Defense +5; Magic Defense +2; Speed +4;
Helm Fur Mask A masked made of pieced-together fur6. Defense +;
Helm Gold Circlet A magnificnet gold head ornament. You'll feel regall. Magic +8; Defense +8; Magic Defense +8;
Helm Gold Helm A magnificent helm made of gold. Brings luck. Defense +10; Luck +6;
Helm Golden Mask A eerie mask made of gold. Defense +30; Magic Defense +30; Skill -10; Speed -10; Luck -10;
Helm Iris Helm A ligh strong helmet made of carved Iris Stone. Defense +20; Magic Defense +20;
Helm Leather Helm An ordinary helm made of tanned hide. Defense +2;
Helm Magical Hat Enchanted. Raises resistance to magic. Magic +3; Defense +4; Magic Defense +3;
Helm Noble's Hat An expensive hat that makes the wearer look noble. Defense +8; Magic Defense +2; Luck +4;
Helm Pointy Hat A cone-shaped hat. Defense +2;
Helm Sage's Hat A hat worn by a legendary sage. Brimming with magic. Magic +20; Defense +10; Magic Defense +20;
Helm Silver Circlet A silver head ornament. Wards off evil. Magic +4; Defense +2; Magic Defense +4;
Helm Silver Helm A helm wrought from silver. Wards off evil. Defense +8; Magic Defense +8;
Helm Venus Ornament A hair ornament so beautiful it seems other-wordly. Magic +20; Defense +20; Magic Defense +20;
Helm Warrior Mask A mask carved with a stern expression Attack +5; Defense +10;
Helm Winged Helm With decorative feathers. You'll fly like the wind? Defense +5; Speed +3;
Helm Wool Hat A thick, bulky hat. Has high defense. Defense +6; Magic defense +4


Name Description Effect Gain From
STierRobe Butterfly Robe A gorgeously gaudy robe made of Butterfly Wings. Magic +10; Defense +60; Magic Defense +20;
STierRobe Eternal Robe Filled with Eternal Feathers and life energy. Magic +10; Defense +20;
STierRobe Feather Robe Filled with the feathers of a waterfowl. Light. Magic +2; Defense +12;
STierRobe Fog Robe So light it feels like you're not wearing anything. Magic +10; Defense +30
STierRobe Guardian Robe Woven with a spell that protects the wearer. magic +20; Defense +40; Magic Defense +20;
STierRobe Magic Robe Adorned with magic words. Raises magic power. Magic +5; Defense +15; Magic Defense +5;
STierRobe Master's Robe Holy robe that can only be worn by mag-art masters. Magic +30; Defense +50; Magic Defense +30;
STierRobe Mystery Poncho A strange robe made of na oddly-smooth material. Magic +10; Defense +40;
STierRobe Rainbow Robe A rainbow-hued garment woven of Rainbow Thread. Magic +10; Defense +55; Magic Defense +10;
STierRobe Robe A silky robe that feels good againts the skin. Magic +1; Defense +2;
STierRobe Robe of Death Ups magic power by absorbing wearer's life energies. Magic +10; Defense +25;
STierRobe Silk Robe A pleasant-feeling robe with a rich sheen. Magic 3; Defense +18;
STierRobe Wool Robe A thick bulky robe knitted from animal wool. Magic +2; Defense +6;

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