Suikoden III Manga cover vol. 1

The Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate is a manga adaption of the story from the same game. It was written and illustrated by Aki Shimizu and published by TokyoPop, and spans eleven volumes. Due to the medium change, there are several differences between the manga and story and the game's plot.

Plot SummaryEdit

Volume 1Edit

Cover ArtEdit

Hugo, Lulu, Lucia, Fubar, and Sgt. Joe.

The story opens with Hugo's birth and tells the story of how he came to meet and befriend Fubar. Finding him on a hunting trip as a baby. When Fubar grows too big, Lucia wants to get rid of him, seeing him as a threat now that he's big. She tries to sell him off but Hugo sets him free and returns him to the wild. Fubar is unfortunately caught in a hunter's trap and Hugo comes to rescue him, but the two are then attacked by a pack of hungry wolves. Hugo tries to defend Fubar but is quickly overpowered. Fubar, touched by Hugo's selflessness, goes into a rage and drives off the wolves. He carries Hugo back and becomes an official member of the clan. The perspective then switches to Chris Lightfellow, who reminisces about her childhood and her father's death. She follows in his footsteps and joins the Zexen Knights, where her outstanding skill allows her to move through the ranks though she faces gender discrimination along the way. Sir Galahad takes her under his wing but several of the other knights, including Leo and Percival. Galahad, feeling Chris has been working herself too hard, tells her to attend the nation's anniversary ball. Her beauty and status attracts the attention of the other ladies, and catches the interest of Lilly Pendragon, who wishes to have Chris dance with her. Chris refuses and offends Lilly who slaps her, Chris slaps her back in retaliation and Chris is pulled from the ball by Percival. The flashback over, Chris is in the thick of battle with the Grasslands, Salome Harras is concerned about the battle and his fears are justified when the Grasslanders spring a surprise ambush on the Zexen Knights. Sir Galahad and Sir Pelize are both killed in the attack. The Zexen knights are set into a panic with Lady Chris shaken the most, having lost a father figure in Sir Galahad, Chris flies into a rage and leads the the Zexen Knights into a powerful counter, which follows with Percival, Leo, Borus, Salome, and Roland pledging allegiance to Chris as the new captain.

The story jumps back to Hugo, who witnesses a weird event in the woods while fishing. The Karayan leaders hold a meeting concerning the Zexens' new "Silver Maiden" and the war, eventually concluding they need a truce with the "ironheads". Hugo and Lulu meet up with Jimba after training with Sgt. Joe and tell him about the weird incdient they saw in the forest. Jimba is spooked by it and decided to investigate. Hugo is then asked by Lucia to deliver a letter to the Zexen Council, and Hugo, Fubar, Lulu, and Sgt. Joe head to Vinay Del Zexay. Meanwhile Chris is annoyed by the fanfare they recieved returning home after the battle, she feels it's in bad taste considering the death of the captain. Salome notices a strange carrier pigeon coming from the Zexen Council's building and Chris later in the evening returns home to find a strange man who is looking for Wyatt Lightfellow. He is told Wyatt died and finally leaves but reveals himslef later to be Yuber. Chris leaves to sign the truce while Hugo laments about the treatment they've gotten by the ironheads, and how he wants to return home.

In the Karayan village, the 12th Unit of the Southern Frontier Defense Force led by Geddoe arrive in the village. They are assualted by Aila but Geddoe explains to Lucia they are their to speak with Jimba. Lucia recognizes Geddoe and tells him he is welcomed in the village but unfortunately Jimba has left on an errand. Aila is asked to show the group around and Ace introduces Queen, Joker, and Jacques to her. Geddoe explains they are their looking for information concerning the Flame Champion and the Fire Bringer. Hugo's night in the Zexen city is interrupted when Percival and Leo come to his inn to pick him up, he escapes with his companions thanks to Fubar, meanwhile Chief Lucia meets up with Dupa who explains that the ironheads have assulted the Lizard Clans home and murdered their leader Chief Zepon. Thinking the truce is a trap, the Grasslanders attack Chris and her knights at the truce.Salome comes up with a plan to set fire to the Karayan Village as a diversion for their escape. Aila leads the 12th Unit to the great landmark that marks the grave of brave Karayan warriors. Their trip is interrupted when the nature spirits tell Aila that the village is under attack and the group heads back to find the viallge in flames. At the same time, Hugo and his group also return to the viallge to find the Zexen Knights slaughtering the villagers. Lulu attacks one of the Knights, who turns out to be Chris. She strikes Lulu down instinctively without thinking, Hugo desperately tries to save Lulu, the revelation he is a child horrifies Chris. Enraged, Hugo attempts to kill Chris but is stopped by Sgt. Joe. The Zexen Knights flee and the village is burned to the ground as Hugo mourns his friends death.

Volume 2Edit

Cover ArtEdit

Chris Lightfellow, Percival, Borus, Roland, Leo, and Salome Harras.

Chris returns to Brass Castle after the attack on the Karayan Village. Exhausted from the endeavor she collapses and has a dream about her father but quickly transforms into nightmare about Sir Galahad's death, Boris' actions at the Grassland village, and killing Lulu. She wakes up in her room with the other Six Mighty Knights and Louis. Louis relays a message from Salome who left earlier to attend a meeting of the Zexen Council, which states that he wants Lady Chris to get some rest.

At the Zexen Council meeting, Salome is congratualted for the knights burning down the Karayan Village, but Salome tries to downplay the incident. The Council order him to get the knights to attack the Lizard Clan for trampling on the peace treaty deal. Salome argues the knights still need rest, and Council slips that they know Chris Lightfellow had passed out after the battle. Salmoe questions how they got that info, as well as the knowledge about the Knights missing the opportunity to arrest th Karayan messenger Hugo. Salome accuses the Council of having someone leaking military intel but is belittled by the Zexen Council.

Lucia, Beechman and the other Karayan villagers take refuge in the Lizard Clan's Great Hall, Lucia is concerned about Hugo's safety after the treaty fell through. She is greeted by Chief Dupa and Bazba, the two chiefs console each other over their recent suffering, but Dupa mentions that Zepon's death had some peculiar elements about it. Bazba tells the others about how Chris and an army of Zexen Knights mysteriously appeared at the front gate and attacked the Lizard Clan with magic. Despite the large force, only Chris fought with various magic spells. Bazba realixed the enemy was trying to goad them into a conflict and felt something else was amiss, he ordered Shiba to report to Zepon, but Shiba found Zepon assassinated.

The recollection transitions to Shiba telling Sgt. Joe and Hugo the story, but Shiba mentions how the guards in Zepon's chamber claimed the last messenger into Zepon's chamber was sent by Dupa, yet Dupa doesn't recollect sending any messenger to Zepon. This has caused the Lizard Clan to start distrusting each other. Shiba leads the group to the Great Hall where Lucia is grateful to find that Hugo was alive and well. Hugo confronts Luce and brings her Lulu's bracelet, Sft. Joe apologizes to her for not being able to protect him. The Lizard Clan sings their song of mourning to console the Karayan survivors.

Back at Geddoe's camp, Aila berates Geddoe for stopping her from entering the village and choosing not to help. Geddoe nonchalantly explains they were too late and none of them would have been able to help. Hoping to change the subject, Joker asks Aila about her ability to commune with the spirits of the land. She gives an explanantion and tells the 12th Unit that she sensed some manevolent presence within the fire at the Karayan Village, and that it wasn't human. The conversation is interrupted by the group being attacked by local monsters but they make short work of the creatures.Geddoe decides the group needs to gather more info so he suggests they return to Caleria. Aila begs to join them so she can find out who the evil voice was, Ace is against it but the rest of the group agrees and Aila joins them.

Dupa gets the Lizard Clan warriors fired up for a surprise raid in retaliation for the death of Zepon and the destruction of the Karayan Village. Lucia is informed that Hugo has disappeared, most likely heading out to avenge Lulu. Sgt. Joe and Fubar are then asked to bring him back and leave.

At Brass Castle, Chris is recuperating but can't stop thinking about killing the Karayan child. sensing she needed a break, Percival talks Lady Chris into accompany him to a local festival to get her mind off things. She begrudgenly agrees,and goes to Iksay Village. Percival and Chris meet up with Barts, who is being basking in the fruit of his labors, Chris learns Iksay is Percival's hometown and that Barts is a childhood friend. She joins in the festivites and eventually begins to loosen up and have a good time.Barts meets up with them and wants to go drinking but Chris excuses herself, and checks out the windmill. She then is greeted by a smooth talker calling himself Nash Clovis who tries to get her to help him warn the village that they will be attacked by the Grassland clans in retaliation for the Karayan Village. Chris reluctantly agrees to help but it proves too late as the village is attacked by the Lizard Clan. Nash, Percival, and Chris try to fight them off but get seperated. Chris encounters Lucia, who challengers Chris to a duel, but it's interrupted by Nash who grabs Chris and jumps off a cliff into a river to escape the pursuers.

Chris and Nash survive their fall, and Nash suggests they head to Budehuc Castle, which is now run by a new lord. Chris then asks Nash if he is a Harmonian and then accuses him of being the Harmonian spy that the Zexen Council had mentioned being in the area. She demands Nash tell her why he is there. Nash explains he is in the Grasslands to find Chris' father Wyatt, who is still alive. Chris is confused by this but begins to follow Nash as he heads for Budehuc Castle.

The castle lord Thomas is writing in his journal about the uneventful day at the castle, but remarks about a recent guest named Hugo, who has been doing chores around the castle in exchange for lodging. Sebastian is concerned, cause he discovered Hugo is a wanted fugitve by the Zexen Federation, but Thomas chooses to ignore it. Cecile arrives to tell Thomas that Lady Chris and Nash have arrived, which sends the castle residents into a fit. Chris demands Nash explain how her father could be dead, and Nash tells her the story about the Flame Champion, and how her father Wyatt worked with him. Chris doesn't believe it because the Flame Champion lived fifty years ago, but Nash goes onto explain about the True Runes and their ability to stop aging. Nash remarks that Harmaonia was pursuing the True Rune bearers in the Grasslands, and how they tracker her father down 17 years prior at Vinay Del Zexay, but he slipped away before they could find him. Hugo is then seen listening to the conversation and relizes that Lulu's killer is here.

The Six Mighty Knights track down Chris at the castle and Chris begs Salome to let her go with Nash to find her father. Salome, recognizes Nash and the two of them have a private conversation about other matters as well as Chris' journey to find Wyatt. Hugo then leaps out and attacks Chris, the other knights rush to her side but Chris recognizes Hugo and chooses to face him alone. Hugo quickly realizes that he is outmatched and Chris asks him if he has ever killed anyone before. This alarms him and she disarms Hugo, she tells him he can try agins if he wished but she would kill him this time. Hugo goes for it and the clash agfain but Thomas jumps into the fray trying to stop the two from killing each other. The two agree to abide by his wishes and stop fighting but they exhcange names to each other. At which point Chris lectures Hugo that killing her won't end his struggles and that the nature of war is a cycle of vengeance.

Meanwhile, Jimba is speaking with Sara about unsealing his True Water Rune. At the entrance to the True Water Rune's seal, Sarah, Yuber, Albert and the Masked Bishop are trying to break into the Sindar Ruins but discover the lock is somehwere else. The group leaves as the Masked Bishop remarks that they have an appointment to keep.

Volume 3Edit

Cover artEdit

Geddoe, Joker, Queen, Ace and Jacques

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