An underground conflict within the Falena Queendom following the death of Olhazeta Falenas in 438. Falzrahm Falenas, influenced by Salum Barows, attempted to wrest control of the throne over legitimate heir and older sister, Shahrewar Falenas, whom was backed by the House of Godwin.

Rather than an outright civil war, the Succession Conflict was a bloody political struggle. As the covert assassin group Nether Gate answered to the royal family, both sisters used the organisation to murder prominent supporters on both sides.

Many people were killed in the conflict, including both Princesses husbands, Kauss Barows, husband of Falzrahm and Mardas Godwin, husband of Shahrewar. Salum Barows' eldest son was murdered in the conflict, as was Marscal Godwin's beloved wife, Rosalind.

Finally, a weary and exhausted Shahewar withdrew her legitimate claim to the throne, paving the way for Falzrahm to be crowned Queen of Falena. However, the conflict ended on a bloody footnote. Upon taking the throne, Falzrahm had her sister murdered by Nether Gate, eliminating the possibility of a continuation of the struggle.