Sphiel is the Tenbi Star in Suikoden Tierkreis.



Sphiel is one of the minor female characters of Suikoden Tierkreis.



Sphiel is an odd woman that people have mistaken for a "Snow Fairy". She always appears to be half asleep or at least uninterested in what is going on around her. She appears to have met Dogha before, but cannot remember how and when.



A mission is assigned to Sieg to finish over the Snow-Fairy of Ch'olui, which had been sighted nearby Dogha's mountain lodge. She seems to have terrorrized a hiker there, and the villager wanted him to finish her. Sieg would then find Sphiel, not revealing her name yet, with her Snow-Fairy like wardrobe and appearance. The woman then asked him whether he liked snow or not. Regardless of the player's answer, Sphiel will attack him.

If Sieg went back to the Headquarters and talked to Dogha, he would give a hint about Sphiel and told Sieg to say "I'm full" if she asked again. Sieg has to go back to the same place, and he would answer "I'm full" to Sphiel. It was revealed that Sphiel threw snow at hikers because she thought snow was a yummy treat and should be enjoyed by everyone. She believed that she was doing something good by throwing snow at people. After this, she can be recruited and shown to be one of the Starbearers.

Dogha would later reveal that he was once romantically involved with Sphiel, when he was younger. She left after she realizes Dogha's ulterior motive. She would later have no recollection of Dogha, only having a vague memory of his face.

Sphiel will only leave her usual place in the back entrance of the Headquarters when the player has reached the final part of the game, when she told him that it is exciting to watch the people here who like to drink with snow.

Role in the GameEdit


After recruiting Dogha, accept the Get Rid of the Snow Fairy mission. Go to Dogha's House at Ch'olui Mountain, go to the northwest of Dogha's house and she is in there. After the battle with the Snow Fairy, get back to the HQ and talk to Dogha. Dogha says "Tell him you are full." Return to Sphiel at Ch'olui Mountain and tell to her that Sieg is full and she will join.

Note: If you bring Dogha while recruiting Sphiel. Sphiel won't show herself until you remove Dogha in the party.


Need Details.

Lv. 99 StatusEdit

Character Statistics
LVL 99 EXP 999
HP 497/497
MP 617/617
STR 129 MAG 189
PDF 149 MDF 169
SKL 149 SPD 149
LUC 169

Mark of StarsEdit


Weapon : Staff, Bow
Armor : Garments, Robes
Accessory : Headwear, Capes, Footwear, Auxiliary

Unite AttacksEdit

Sphiel can perform the Kiss Goodbye unite attack with Sophia and Chihaya and the Odd Girl Party unite attack with Maybelle and Rufa.


  • Sphiel is mistaken as the snow-fairy of Ch'olui mountain, because of her tendency to throw snow at people, believing that you should show courtesy to people in the mountains by throwing food. She is unaware of the fact that people don't eat snow.
  • If the player has Dogha in his party in meeting Sphiel, she will not appear.
  • At the end, Sphiel is shown appearing in random taverns, offering people ice-cold drinks.
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