Small Border Village

Small Border Village

A small village which was formerly located on the border between Kooluk and the Scarlet Moon Empire. This village is so small it doesn't even have a name and is made up of only a dozen or so houses spread liberally across a series of rocky plains that eventually form into a series of mountains and forests that could be roughly considered 'no-man's land'.

In the year 299, this village was raided by Scarlet Moon aristocrats who were engaging in a cruel hobby dubbed "human-hunting". The village was presumably chosen because of its small and inconsequential nature. However, the village was also the home of Graham Cray and his son, who was bearing the Rune of Punishment at the time. So, when the aristocrats attacked the village, Cray's son used the rune to stop the attack. However, the rune not only killed the hunters but many of the citizens of the village as well as taking the live of its bearer. The nature of this incident would go undiscovered for a long time with many people blaming Graham Cray, Scarlet Moon and/or Kooluk for the attack.

In 309, several Rune Cannons were transported to a location near the village in order to form a line of defense against the Scarlet Moon Empire. However, Kyril and his group, assisted by Frederica, destroyed the cannons as part of their quest to rid the world of their danger.

Following the collapse of the Kooluk Empire, this small village was one of several border territories swallowed up by the Scarlet Moon Empire in the confusion. Presumably, the village is now part of the Toran Republic, but remains a small and inconsequential area.