Skills are special abilities units have. Learning skills gives units an advantage in battles. Skills can learned via the Party Menu in the Caravan Screen. To learn Skills, units need Skill Points, which are earned in battle. To use a learned skill, unit must "equip" the skill first. This can also be done at the Deploy Troops Screen. A units Skills become more powerful as it's Skill Level increases. The skills that can be learned and Skill Points necessary for leveling up vary by unit. You can't raise skills, to vey high levels at first, but the maximum skill level will rise as your party grows. At first, each unit can equip a few skills. As they level up, the number of skills they can equip rises.

Skills are locked to certain ranks until the player achieves certain conditions to allow them to purchase the next rank. Skill points are not handed out individually, instead they are put into a party pool which allows the player to even rank up skills for characters who don't participate in battle or have only recently been recruited.  Characters capabilities and abilities are based on their skills. Means characters with high skills have the ability to Survive in battle. Skill rank are base in E, D, C, B, A, S. Skills.

Skill ListEdit

  • Counter attack - Chance of counter attack against enemy's attack.
  • Critical Hit - Increases chance of critical hits with physical attack.
  • Parry - Chance of parrying an enemy's attack.
  • Battle Lust - Increased number of attack.
  • Bull's Eye - Increased physical Accuracy. Chance of negating guard.
  • Dodge - Increased chance of Dodging Physical attack.
  • Hidden Power - Chance of Recovery when Dying.
  • Extra Move - Move(movement - distance moved) at end of turn.
  • Godspeed - +1 Movement
  • Jump - +1 Jump

  • Fire - Increase Fire Magic Power.
  • Water - Increase Water Magic Power.
  • Wind - Increase Wind Magic Power.
  • Earth Magic - Increase Earth Magic Power.
  • Lightning Magic - Increase Lightning Magic Power.
  • Concentration - Less chance of getting interrupted during spell casting.

  • Cross Counter - Dodge and counter attack with enemy's attack added.
  • Mind's Eye - Increase dodging/counter attack vs. flank/rear attack.
  • Guard - Chance of reducing Physical Attack by 50%.
  • Sniper - Increased accuracy and chance of critical hit.
  • Smash - Chance of damaging ignoring(PDF) and unbalancing target.
  • Armor Defense - Less damage from Physical attack when equipping Heavy Armor.
  • Shield Defense - Chance of guarding against frontal physical attack.
  • Deflect Missiles - Chance of deflecting missile weapon.
  • Narcissim - Flashy technique adds additional damage when attacking.

  • Punishment Magic - Increase Punishment Magic Power.
    Use by Lazlo only.

  • Treasure Hunter - Increased Detection Range for Divining Rod.
    Use by Rene only.
  • True Godspeed - Increased range of movement.
    Use by Cedric only.
  • Back Up - Increased range for Back Up.
    Use by Gary only.
  • Heal - Increased range for Healing.
    Use by Yu only.
  • First Aid - Increase healing capacity when using First Aid.
    Use by Carrie only.
  • Steal - Increase chance of steal success.
    Use by Noah only.


  • Everyone can Max all their skills to S but Lazlo exceed above them all.
  • If your character is at it's max level you will gain 8 skills slot.
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