"The daughter of the chief of Citro and Marica's older sister. She acts like a mother to the Hero and his friends."
Suikoden Tierkreis Digital Artbook Description

Sisuca is the older sister of Marica and the daughter of Elder Rajim. She raised Sieg since he was little.



Sisuca the oldest daughter of Elder Rajim, and the older sister of Marica who lives in Citro Village. She found Sieg when he was a baby and adopted him. She continuously claims to be Sieg's mother, which annoys Sieg a lot.



Loving and caring, Sisuca acts as the mother of Sieg. She keeps worrying about Sieg all the time, and showing her motherly affection towards him at all time, despite the fact that Sieg would most likely reject her rudely, being annoyed by her claiming to be his mother.



When she was visited by Sieg during his role as the leader of the company, she immediately offered herself to recruitment. It was also shown that she kept a journal of Sieg's life in the company, and the player could see the cutscenes by talking to her at the dining room.

Sisuca often finds herself concerned for Sieg and for Dirk, and tries to encourage and help Sieg through their troubled relationship.

Sisuca has a very lovely singing voice and gives Nemne lessons.

The night time before their final war, Sisuca gathers Sieg and his party at the rooftop of the Headquarters. She seems to be singing or counseling them.

After the end of the war, Sisuca stayed with Sieg at the company, acting as the mother of the company. Elder Rajim worried about her being single.

Role in the GameEdit


With 10 characters recruited, head out via the front exit of your HQ and Sisuca will show up. She’ll say ‘wow, you have 10 characters’ and head out. Later, return to Citro Village and go to the Elder’s House. Have her get ready to go to your HQ, and she will join you there.


Considering her starbearer abilities, she doesn't seem too useful at first. She works great as a white and black mage at first but as you get more mage characters, like Manaril and Diadora, her usefulness is outlived. However, she is one that can get the third strongest staff, the broom.

Lv. 99 StatusEdit

Character Statistics
LVL 99 EXP 999
HP 497/497
MP 537/537
STR 149 MAG 149
PDF 129 MDF 169
SKL 169 SPD 169
LUC 239

Mark of StarsEdit


Weapon : Knife, Boomerang, Bow
Armor : Garments, Robes, Light Armor
Accessory: Headwear, Capes, Footwear, Auxiliary

Unite AttacksEdit

Sisuca can perform the Siblings unite attack with Marica.


  • After doing a mission involving Sisuca and Nemne; Anya will find out that Sisuca is a great singer and she teaches Nemne how to sing.
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