Shula Valya

Shula Valya is the Tenkyu Star in Suikoden V.



Shula is the eldest son of the Valya family, an influential family in one of Armes's major clans, the Madra Clan and also the Commander of the Armes Western Marine Corps.

Shula have a younger sister named Yuma Valya but he was often embarrass by her sisters strange behavior.


Shula is a handsome man who wears a red turban with orange feather at the center, a garb, orange cape and yellow sandals.




During the Sun Rune War, King Jalat´s Ishvaak Clan and Shula´s Madra Clan are both moderate factions, but the Darja Clan´s more aggressive. After the Godwins promised to cede all former Barows territory to Armes. Commander Maha Sparna took the bait and even won over a number of factions at the Grand Council of Chieftains to side with the Godwins. As an allies to Godwin's they invaded Falena to defeat Freyjadour Falenas's Loyalist Army.

Commander Maha Sparna of the Armes Southern Mountain Corps are engaging in large-scale destruction of Falenan citizens and towns, while Shula's forces invade Estrise, but don't engage in any battles. A few minor skirmishes, all intitated from Estrise's end, was the only combat the Western Marine Corps saw. Alenia first attempt to get them into action failed because Shula did not pay her much attention.

When Armes Southern Mountains Corps has failed to capture the Loyalist Army's headquarters Alenia attempted to get their Western Marine Corps join the frontlines, but Sharmista came and after hearing her report, Shula decided to pull out his Western Marine Corps out of Estrise. Alenia objected and Shula responded that his vacation gone on long enough and the Island Nations Federation Fleet is sailing south towards Estrise and Armes was not on better terms with the Island Nations.

Not before Commander Sparna fled back to Armes in disgrace, leaving Jidan Guisu to die, the elders at the Grand Council of Chieftains realize that the Godwin will use the Sun Rune to bring Armes under their control and had no intention of ceding any lands. King Jalat and the Grand Council of the chieftains both agree that Godwin must no be allowed to remain in the Sun Palace and that is why they decided to sent Shula along with his bodyguard Nifsara and Sharmista on a goodwill mission to provide whatever assistance they could for the Loyalist Army.

Shula, Nifsara and Sharmista stayed at Yashuna Village to meet Freyjadour face-to-face, as well as Lucretia Merces, Lelei and Cius. Cius and Lelei doesn't get along with them but Freyjadour trust and accept them as a member of the Loyalist Army. At the Ceras Lake Castle, Shula met his younger sister and call her Yuma but Yuma responded that her name is "JOSEPHINE" and he can only address her as such because her reason is Yuma is such a vile, uncultured name. When Shula told to his sister that, she is a brat little sister, Josephine denied that he know his older brother. Shula apologized on the way her little eccentric sister behave and told to Freyjadour, Josephine's true identity. Shula call his sister "Blithering idiot" after telling that her little sister can't see the problem she will make if it became known that the eldest daughter of the House of Valya was involved on the fight between the Loyalist Army and Commander Sparna's Southern Mountain Corpse.

After the war, per King Jalat's wishes, helps forge a pact of friendship with Falena, where he later resides as ambassador.

Role in the GameEdit

Automatically joins you in Yashuna Village after he sends for you. This will take place after the liberation of Sable.

Shula is a five-star commander that can lead a cavalry unit and grants this unit one use of the Charge ability. He can also lead a five-star ram ship.

  1. The New Armes Kingdom has five major clans. Shula comes from the Madra Clan´s Valya family. He´s the Commander of the Western Marine Corps.
  2. Armes´ five major clans constantly struggle over national policy. King Jalat´s Ishvaak Clan and Shula´s Madra Clan are both moderate factions. The Darja Clan´s more militant, as their Southern Mountain Corps proves.
  3. Because he is from Armes, people were cautious of him at first. But now they´re starting to welcome Armes people left and right, like Sharmista and Nifsara. Guess they´re good at fitting in.

  • Newspaper

It's interesting. It really is. Many believe that leaders control information to make it easier to control the people, but that's actually wrong. They only do it because they're afraid that someone will expose their incompetence as leaders. Against such foes, an ally like Taylor is worth a hundred thousand soldiers.

  • Young Miss Eresh

Who exactly is she, anyway? If she's from Nagarea, there are a few things I'll have to think about. Nagarea is a potential enemy nation for Armes, too. But I guess we have no right to talk, seeing as we pushed into Falena recently ourselves.


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