Suikoden VEdit

The Shining Scalp attack deals 0.5x damage to all enemies. In it Alhazred's head shines a bright yellow, then Isato's head also shines a bright yellow, then Wabon's head shines a bright yellow as well. Then the shines intensifies and the screen goes white, when the picture returns then enemies take damage.

Required MembersEdit

SV Isato Portrait
SV Wabon Portrait
SV Alhazred Portrait

Suikoden TierkreisEdit

The Shining Scalp deals damage to all enemies and a chance of bucket and Paralysis to all allies. In it Zenoa, Ouragan and Gadburg line up in a V shape. Then Ouragan and Gadburg grab their heads and all three lean forward causing a flash from their heads that damages the enemies.

Required MembersEdit

ST Zenoa Portrait
ST Ouragan Portrait
ST Gadburg Portrait


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