Shams is the Tenrou Star in Suikoden Tierkreis.



Shams is the son of the Mage Lord and Lady Kureyah of the Magedom of Janam. He has three "mothers", Lady Shairah, Lady Rizwan, and his biological mother Kureyah. He also have one half sister, Manaril from the Second Empress of Janam. Being the only son of the Mage Lord, Kureyah tried her best to make Shams become the next king to Janam, one of her motives to her marriage to the Mage Lord, and her attempt to convince her parents to send the soldier of Salsabil to Janam. He has a companion who has dedicate his life to him, Taj.



Shams is a warm, kind-hearted, and a loving prince of Magedom of Janam. Although Manaril is his half sister and the competition to the throne of the king, he kept his eyes on her, and was even willing to sacrifice his life and his title for her, asking Sieg to take her away to Headquarters, and giving him the key to the inner part of the Arcane Academy. Shams is also a polite person, and shares a rivalry with Sieg due to his mother's favoritism with the former.



Shams was first introduced as the Prince of Janam(captital of the Magedom) in the Imperial Palace, where Sieg first visited the Magedom. He was first thought to be Lady Shairah's son by Sieg, before knowing that he's the son of the third wife of the king.

Shams later asked Taj to tell Sieg to come to the Prince's Palace, telling him to check out about the condition of her half sister, Manaril. He gave him the key that was given by Mubal to Sieg, who used it to unlock the door to the inner part of Arcane Academy. After finishing Lady Ridzwan's quest, Sieg could check on Manaril inside the Academy.

Manaril was highly pushed by Lady Rizwan to read the chronicles, which made Sieg angry. He was asked by Taj to retreat back to Prince's Palace, as his mission was over. Sieg asked Shams about what should he do to help Manaril, but Shams told him that he could do nothing to her. Taj told him that if Sieg did anything to help her before, Shams would be punished later, as he gave the key the Sieg.

Shams could be found later after finishing the quest of his mother Kureyah, escorting her back to the Prince's Palace. He was worried about her mother's whereabouts, and Kureyah told him that she would tell him later, and asking him about what has happened when she's gone.

When Sieg was going to save Chrodechild from the Mage Lord's evil scheme, Taj asked him to take Manaril with him as Prince Shams ordered. Sieg managed to take Manaril away, and before the pack were going to leave the city, he took her to visit Shams, asking him to come with them.

Shams was so glad that Manaril and him could meet again, but he decided to stay at Janam, promising to Sieg that he's going to make Janam a better place someday. Shams would send letter to Manaril later, and it seems that he has to do his best to make the Magedom stop hunting Sieg down.

When the Janam dissapeared, Shams was staying at the Salsabil kingdom, together with Taj and his grandparents. He forgot that Janam ever existed, only remembering his parents had died by disease. Shams was visited by Lady Ridzwan's spirit later, who handed him the Chronicles that revealed him as one of the Starbearers, and leaving after asking him to find Manaril.

Shams remembered about the Janam, and revealed it later to Sieg and Manaril when they were at the inn on Salsabil. He decided to leave Salsabil together with Manaril, with Taj coming along. They encountered Dirk in the desert, but they managed to make him retreat.

Shams is the key character to unlock Nofret later, as she asked Sieg to bring the Prince and the Princess of Janam to prove that Janam had ever existed before, only to recognizing him as the one who gave them accomodation and foods in Salsabil.

It was also revealed that Taj was saved by Shams from his execution, and dedicate his life to protect Shams. In the unite attack Protector, Taj covers Shams and go on full offence all by himself then get unbalanced afterward.

Role in the GameEdit


After the Janam Desert event, go to Salsabil's Royal Palace to talk to Shams. After talking to Shams go and stay at Salsabil Inn. He will visit at the Inn and he will now join the company.


Need Details.

Lv. 99 StatusEdit

Character Statistics
LVL 99 EXP 999
HP 537/537
MP 497/497
STR 169 MAG 149
PDF 149 MDF 169
SKL 169 SPD 149
LUC 189

Mark of StarsEdit


Weapon : Sword, Spear, Club, Shield, Dual Weapon
Armor : Garments, Light Armor, Regular Armor
Accessory : Headwear, Capes, Footwear, Auxiliary

Unite AttacksEdit

Shams can perform the Royal Pride unite attack with Manaril, the Sworn Protector unite attack with Taj and the Pretty Boys unite attack with Roberto and Yovel.


  • It's implied that Shams has romantic feelings for Taj and vice versa, they are both overly affectionate and over protective of each other.
  • Shams has a poor taste in food. He likes food with salt and many spices.
108 Stars of Destiny
36 Stars of Heaven
72 Stars of Earth
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