Servillah is the Chikou Star in Suikoden Tierkreis.



Servillah subordinate of King Diulf of the Tribe of Furious Roar, and a fellow subordinates of Lycia and Cougar. While Lycia and Cougar seems to be the rather playful ones, she seems to be stern, and keep herself honour by restricting herself from doing childish things like Lycia always does.

Servillah grew up next to Eusmil, and the two had been competitive ever since they were young. Servillah does not attempt to hide her dislike of Eusmil and enjoys the idea of competing with her.



Servillah is a discipline and quick-tempered person. She has also shown a measure of loyalty towards her king and her tribe, seen by how she kept her job as Diulf's subordinate even after the end of the war.



Sieg first found Servillah together with King Diulf and Lycia when he and Roberto were going to check another world that appear in a plain. Roberto and Sieg encountered three wild boars. King Diulf and his subordinates quickly approached them, commenting that the boars are perfect to be sacrificed to the spirit. They defeated the boars, and introduced themselves to Sieg and Roberto and invited to join the feast of the wild boars. Servillah commented on how they weren't be able to carry all of them to the camp, but Sieg and Roberto could help to carry them.

When they arrived at the inn, Macoute of the Order has come to ask whether King Diulf is interested on joining them or not. King Diulf stated that he declined, and suddenly becomes angry at Macoute, which lead to his leave. Sieg told them about Macoute's evil scheme that might lead them to get attacked, and Servillah commented on how she disliked Macoute since the first time he arrived at their tribe. Sieg asked them about Cougar, and they told them that they didn't remember a thing about Cougar.

Roberto and Sieg were asked to join them immediately to dinner. When they arrived the dishes that were made of the wild boars were already served, ready to be eaten. King Diulf asked them to pray to the spirit first, and asked them to eat as they like. Servillah scolded Lycia for eating so impolitely in front of their guest.

After they ate, soldiers of the Order came to retrieve the Chronicle of the Furious Roar, which angered King Diulf. Dirk, who was with the soldiers, challenged their friendship. Afterwards King Diluf told them to leave before he made them.

The siege from the order came on the other day, and King Diulf managed to ward the soldiers off with his man-beast force, and Sieg gained a trust of the King once again. They were asked by Sieg to touched the chronicles, and it was revealed later that they were the Starbearers. They suddenly gained the memories of Cougar, revealing that he was dead before he could fulfill his promise to his friend that he always talked about.

King Diulf, Servillah and Lycia joined the company and moved to the Fortress Ruins. They were given one room to stay together. While King Diulf and Servillah always stick together in their room, Lycia always stayed in the dining room. Servillah was really mad at her, by saying that Sieg should know where Lycia is.

After the end of their wars, Servillah stayed as King Diulf's assistant, and later revealed that she gave birth to his child.

Role in the GameEdit


Joins automatically.


Need Details.

Lv. 99 StatusEdit

Character Statistics
LVL 99 EXP 999
HP 617/617
MP 377/377
STR 214 MAG 69
PDF 169 MDF 69
SKL 214 SPD 239
LUC 129

Mark of StarsEdit


Weapon : Fist, Claw
Armor : Garments, Light Armor
Accessory: Headwear, Capes, Footwear, Auxiliary

Unite AttacksEdit

Servillah can perform the Beast Slash unite attack with Diulf and Lycia.


Need Details.

108 Stars of Destiny
36 Stars of Heaven
72 Stars of Earth
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