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Chikou Star (The Dog Star)


Portrait S5 Sairoh Portrait
Japanese サイロウ Sairou
Status Alive S5
Unborn S4
Unknown S1,S2,S3
Appears in Suikoden V
Origin Unknown
Born SY 377
Age 72-73 (Sun Rune War)
Height ???cm
Relatives Grandson Shinro
Race Human
Position Merchant
Former Loyalist Army member
Attached Runes None
Seiyuu None
Voice Actor None
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Sairoh is the Chikou Star in Suikoden V.


A retired merchant, Sairoh was known, in his prime, to be an extremely powerful and skilled merchant who sold arms to both sides of a conflict and even hired out mercenaries. He retired many years ago. Many people thought it was because the rumors were getting to him, but many speculate that is has to do with Sairoh's son and daughter-in-law dying, and being the only person left to raise their child, Shinro. Although retired, Sairoh kept his eyes on the trade business. One time, he noticed the price of salt increasing rapidly. Since salt is a necessity of life, that would create a serious concern among the people. He asked the Prince, who was in the shop at the time, what he would do at a time like this. The Prince responds by selling salt to bring the price down. Impressed at the royal's business savvy, Sairoh decides on one last business hurrah. Sairoh helps supply the Prince's army during the war, and retires soon after the battle ends. He spends the rest of his days drinking with a fellow retiree, Raja, and checking up on Shinro's business.

Suikoden VEdit


When Salt goes up in price (check prices and/or rumors), talk to Sairoh in Raftfleet and he will ask what you will do to take care of the salt price problem. Sell 6 Salts to a trade shop (Preferably Dwarf Cave) immediately and talk to him again. To get Salt, buy it (earlier) in trade shops.

Character DetailsEdit

Sairoh opens a trading post in your castle.

Entourage AbilityEdit

Sairoh adds the Trade In ability that allows you to sell items in your inventory.

Military UnitEdit

Sairoh adds the Extra ability to a military unit that allows a unit to use their special ability one additional time.

Oboro InvestigationsEdit

1: You wouldn´t know it to look at him today, but Sairoh was once a great merchant. A legend, almost. He retired quite a while ago, but he decided to open up shop again for your sake, Your Highness.

2: Back in his prime, the scope of his business stretched all across Falena, and even beyond. You can see why his grandson Shinro would want to be just like him.

3: There were rumors long ago that he sold arms to both sides in times of war, or even hired out mercenaries. It´s even been said that the reason he retired is because the rumors got to be too much for him. Well, that´s all history now.

Suggestion Box LettersEdit

  • The Beavers

During my days as a merchant, I conducted business with Beaver Lodge. Back then, Fuwalafuwalu's father was leader. What a fond memory.

  • The Bath

The bath is one of the few pleasures we old folks can really enjoy. This bath is wonderful. Your Highness has our thanks for building it.

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