Current Owner: Unknown (Leader of the Sindar)

Past Owners: Unknown

A complete mystery among the 27 True Runes. This true rune is believed to be the reason behind the Sindar's nomadic nature. It is believed that the Chief of the Sindar bore this rune on their forehead. As this rune promotes constant change, the Sindar were never in the same place for very long, and various temples throughout the world remain a legacy of this vanished culture.

With these ruins throughout the world dedicated to various other Runes, or particular treasures or ceremonies, it is not known yet whether or not a temple or ruin exists for this specific Rune.

Trivia Edit

  • In Suikoden II The Old Book Vol 2 stated a brief description about the rune and its bearer. Legends say the clan leader has a cursed rune inscribed on his forehead. It granted eternal life but doomed his clan to a life of wandering.
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