Rune Master' also known as Rune Sages or Runemisresses are rune shop dealers who sells different kinds of common rune crystals. These common runes include mainly the five elemental runes which are the Fire, Water, Lightning, Wind, and Earth runes and other ordinary runes.

However, some rare or uncommon runes could be found and be bought in their 'Rare Finds' section.


Rune sages are commonly females thus also being called, Runemistresses. They always appear wearing long coat down their toes or hooded-robes which adds to their mysterious appearance. Despite this, Jeane who is a prominent and renowned runemistress always wear revealing clothes in every Suikoden she's present.


Aside from selling various types of rune crystals, rune sages have the ability to affix (to attach) runes to a person by transferring the power of the rune crystals to their available rune slots; either their left or right hand and in some cases, in their head, which is most noticeable on those who naturally have have high MAG or Magic stat.

In Suikoden V, Jeane has the ability to convert rune crystals into magic scrolls which is a service provided merely by a totally different NPC, the Scroll maker which appeared in other Suikoden games such as Suikoden II by Raura and III by Hortez VII.

Headquarter Rune MasterEdit

In every Suikoden game, a recruitable rune sage for the hero's headquarters is always available. Jeane serves as the headquarters rune sage in every Suikoden.

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