"What? That's right, this is Rockland. It's called Rockland because except for the rocks it's a barren land."
—Rockland Villager, Suikoden
Rockland appears in Suikoden as a small town that, despite its closeness to the capital, is one of the more peaceful and quiet towns within the
Arlus region. The stew of the chefs of Rockland are said to reach new culinary heights. It also boasts extensive mineralogical natural resources, making rock a cheaper building material than in many regions; nearly all the houses built within Rockland are made out of rocks.

Rockland was home to a great deal of political corruption during the last days of the Scarlet Moon Empire. The then Governor, Grady, took the taxes collected from the citizens of Rockland and used them for his own benefit, rather than send them on to the capital properly. In SY 455, members of the Imperial Guard were dispatched to Rockland to investigate this. Though originally mislead by Grady into arresting two members of the Mt. Seifu Bandits, when the same group learned that the two men were innocent, they returned to free them, this time working not for the Empire but for the Liberation Army. Having been driven out of his mansion during the ruckus, Grady fled the area. Disgraced, Grady was fired from his position, and a new Governor was appointed, restoring peace to the troubled town.


Notable AppearancesEdit


  • Homeless woman's last words "Clive. forgive me for not dying at your hands"
  • Here lies a poet "As evidence of my life I leave behind a song that will be my epitaph"
  • Here lies a troubled man "Loneliness is a slow-acting but fatal poison"
  • Here lies a farmer "As long as there was gentile sunlight. I was able to grow anything"
  • Here lies a ordinary mother "Good night, until we meet again"
  • Here lies a nameless soldier "For me, war was life it self"


  • Take Clive to Rockland and inspect the Homeless woman's grave Clive will say ...It's a trick you're trying to deceive me again woman. I swore I would find you. and I'll never give up until I do. So I can kill you with my own hands.
  • The Homeless woman is believed to be Elza.


  • Rockland shares a part of it's name, with the character Rock. It's unknown if giving the town and character a similar name, was on purpose or not.
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