A type of drugged beverage, Robber's Tea was used in the Scarlet Moon Empire by scoundrels in order to knock an unsuspecting victim unconscious; after which, the thief could leisurely look through their victim's possessions in order to find anything of value. The most infamous practitioner of this dubious technique was Ledon, a thieving innkeeper who preyed upon travellers that reached his inn, which was based on Mt. Tigerwolf. The most famous of his victims, Odessa Silverberg and Tir McDohl, the then-present and future leaders of the Liberation Army, respectively, were luckily identified by Ledon's boss, Kessler, and thus received an antidote and had their belongings returned to them. Though most commonly used by the Mt. Tigerwolf Bandits, the Robber's Tea technique is also known to other scoundrels; Krin, notably, attempted to use a similar drugged tea in order to take the Kirinji from Tir McDohl and his company after he had aided them in stealing it.

The drink itself is quite bitter, with a rather distinctive odor. However, it is also incredibly potent, able to knock out a person in mere minutes, if not seconds, after being drunk. As such, by the time one learns that the tea has been drugged, it is often too late for one to do anything about it. However, an antidote can be prepared, using sugar, a rabbit's tail, and a handful of rose leaves.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Saturn version of Suikoden, when Ledon use the Robber's Tea on the party, the faces of the characters sprites were in blue, contrarily to the playstation version which remained in normal color.