Rizwan appears in Suikoden Tierkreis.

Lady Rizwan or Empress Rizwan, is the second wife of Mage Lord of the Magedom of Janam, and the mother of Princess Manaril. She is the woman who took the charge of the Arcane Academy and the Chronicles, she's also the stepmother of Prince Shams. She works together with Mubal in the academy.



Lady Rizwan is one of Mage Lord's wives, who took the charge of the Chronicles and Arcane Academy together with her apprentice, Mubal. She is the mother of Princess Manaril. She has a bad relationship with the first empress, Shairah.



Lady Rizwan is a level-headed, mysterious and a rather cold woman who is in charge of Arcane Academy. She's shown to be an intelligent and smart woman, as she took care of the academy and the chronicles well. She deeply loves Manaril in the deepest part of her heart although she couldn't show her fondness to her well.



Sieg met Lady Rizwan at the Arcane Academy, escorted by Lady Shairah, to see the Chronicles that she kept there. Lady Shairah commented on how bad Lady Rizwan is, and calling her an "Old Bag" on their way to the Academy. Lady Rizwan welcomed them, and introduced herself to Sieg. A cold relationship between Lady Shairah and Lady Rizwan could be seen in their dialogue.

The player could choose to reveal Lady Shairah's insult to her by choosing the second line, "Is this your bagship?" Lady Rizwan would get mad, but she knew that it was Lady Shairah who called her that way.

Lady Rizwan introduced them to Mubal, and to the Chronicles that they kept there. Sieg would see a vision, and after that they took their leave, together with Mubal. Lady Shairah commented that Lady Rizwan has an evil scheme to take over the kingdom, but Mubal denies her comment. She also told Sieg that she came along to make sure that Lady Rizwan didn't do anything to Sieg, and lead them to the Imperial Palace.

Lady Rizwan would send a quest to Sieg at the Headquarters, asking him to fight her virtual monster. Sieg defeated the monster, and Lady Rizwan and Mubal headed back to the locked room in the academy. Sieg could use the key that Prince Shams gave to him to follow her. It was revealed that in the lowest ground of the Academy, Princess Manaril was forced by Lady Rizwan to read the chronicle, even when she's tired and cannot do it again. Sieg wanted to help her, but Taj intervened, bringing him back to Prince Shams.

Nuzhat, an old lady that descend from Salsabil also told Sieg that Rizwan is a viper snake who lives in the Academy.

After Sieg kidnapped Princess Manaril on the Escape the Janam's Arc, he encountered Lady Rizwan on the monster room at the Academy. She told them that it's okay to take Manaril away, because she would meet her death soon. Sieg commented on how bad a mother Lady Rizwan is, and took Manaril away. It's later revealed that Lady Rizwan hasn't yet to finished her dialouge, saying that she would be dead if she stays in Janam any longer.

Her role as the one who protects the El-Qaral ruins and the Arcane Academy before it vanished with the sand is found later by Sieg and his friends, told by the traitor, Dirk who followed her path. Her spirit delivered the chronicles to Prince Shams at Salsabil, and she also tell him to find Manaril.

Sieg soon learns from Dirk that the fusion that wiped out the Magedom actually occurred north of where it was supposed to happen, which is the reason Salsabil was out of range. Shams and Manaril conclude that it must have been Rizwan, drawing on the power of the Chronicle of Ancient Covenant, to alter the fusion. As such, the structure of El-Qaral was able to survive, but not it’s people, and Salsabil was knocked out of range.


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