A rune containing light magic. Works well against undead monsters, specializes in both healing and offensive magic.



  • Scolding: 70 damage against one foe, double for undead
  • Yell: Raise one unconscious ally
  • Scream: Heals 400 HP for all allies
  • Charm Arrow: 400 damage to all foes, double for undead

Suikoden IIEdit

  • Scolding 30 damage to one enemy, double damage to undead
  • Yell: Heals the condition of being unable to fight (revives knock out ally)
  • Charm Arrow: 400 damage to all enemies, double damage to undead
  • Scream: Heals all party members by 300 points

Suikoden VEdit

  • Scolding 50+ damage to one enemy
  • Yell: Raises one ally from unconsciousness
  • Charm Arrow: 300+ damage to all enemies
  • Scream: Restores 300 HP to all allies