No. Name Recruitment
1 Sieg As the main protagonist of the game Sieg is an automatically recruited.
2 Marica Automatically recruited. Joins at Citro Village.
3 Jale Automatically recruited. Joins at Citro Village.
4 Liu-Shen Automatically recruited. Joins at Citro Village.
5 Hotupa Automatically recruited. Wanderer who joins at Forest Ruins
6 Moana Joins with Hotupa.
7 Logan Automatically recruited at Grayridge Town.
8 Erin Automatically recruited at Grayridge Town.
9 Mubal Joins the company upon entering the Magedom and stays to learn about the power of Chronicles.
10 Eunice Joins with Zahra.
11 Zahra After treating Cougar he will join with Eunice.
12 Wahie Joins after you get Cougar. Hotupa will attempt to send Cougar to his own world, but he is unable to go. Wahie comes out and tells you some Gateway advice, and joins after this.
13 Sisuca With 10 characters recruited, head out via the front exit of your HQ and Sisuca will show up. She’ll say ‘wow, you have 10 characters’ and head out. Later, return to Citro Village and go to the Elder’s House. Have her get ready to go to your HQ, and she will join you there.
14 Anya After returning from the Magedom of Janam, put Erin in your party and go to Grayridge. Check out the mine and go northeast to see Anya. With Erin in your party, you can recruit Anya. Note that earlier, as you leave Grayridge, you can get extra dialogue with Anya if you have Erin in your party, but it is not required for Anya’s recruitment.
15 Selen Every Blooming Flower Season Selen will visit the HQ. After telling by the NPC that the Storm has come, go to front entrance of the HQ with Jale. After beating Selen she will join.
16 Tongatihi After returning from the Magedom and having an access to Corridor area, go there and travel east to a new screen. After talking to him, go to Moana and sign up for Window Information. Send any character you like, because it will fail. After reporting on this quest, a new quest will open up called Windows Beyond the Gateway; this quest will fail aswell. After reporting on Windows Beyond the Gateway go back to Tongatihi. Ask him to make Windows, and he will join.
17 Gadburg Joins automatically.
18 Muro After going to Tehah Village, go back to HQ and accept the Demon Hunting in Gineh Valley mission. Go to the southwest end of the Gineh Valley waterfall area and Muro is in there, talk to him and he will join.
19 Luvais Sieg will encounter Luvais in Fort Arc, Mislato River and Grayridge Chapter Hall. After visiting Tehah Village, Luvais will be at the HQ and after defeating Cynas Conscript he will join.

Note: After returning from the Magedom of Janam, visit Grayridge Ch Hall to have a scene with Luvais.

20 Nimni Joins automatically.
21 Nemne Joins with Nimni.
22 Nomno Nimni will bring him at the HQ, but he will not join the company until the HQ expand, the Knight's Veil join the company and recruit Wustum. After the blades join in the company go to HQ 1st floor where Wustum open a restaurant/Kitchen talk to Nomno then go to the 3rd floor and talk to Nemne. Go back to the Kitchen and talk to Wustum, after Nomno eating the food Wustum cook he will join.
23 Neira She will joins after you find the Bds of Priestess. She takes a while to come to the HQ.
24 Wustum After returning from Coastal Cave go to Tehah Village Inn then talk to the Inn keeper to test the soup that Wustum made. Go to your HQ and accept the Find the Chef mission. Go to Asad at Imperial Plaza then go to the Tehah Village Inn and talk to the Inn Keeper, go to Ch'olui Mountain . The quest will failed but you recruit Wustum.

Note: Wustum is a missable character you must recruit him before the desert comes.

25 Semias
26 Meruvis Joins with Chrodechild.
27 Roberto Joins with Chrodechild.
28 Chrodechild Joins the company automatically.
29 Asad Joins the company automatically.
30 Manaril Automatically recruited after saving her at the Arcane Academy. Bring Manaril to the 2nd floor Chronicle room and Mubal officially joins also.
31 Zenoa Joins Automatically
32 Yadima
33 Tuhululu
34 Rekareka
35 Minen
36 Buchse
37 Geschutz
38 Sotah
39 Yod
40 Balsam
41 Khemia
42 Nuzhat
43 Icas
44 Morrin
45 Yovel
46 Numnu
47 Felecca
48 Xebec
49 Dromon
50 Dogha
51 Nhazu
52 Sphiel
53 Maybelle
54 Nakil
55 Hafin
56 Lycia
57 Servillah
58 Diulf
59 Gorno
60 Chein
61 Autar
62 Guntram
63 Fredegund
64 Ouragan
65 Len-Lien
66 Luo-Tao
67 Yula
68 Quillard
69 Amaralicht
70 Bosche
71 Lathilda
72 Mourgent
73 Rajim
74 Nictis
75 Eusmil
76 Megion
77 Savina
78 Lubberkin
79 Namna
80 Hina
81 Shams
82 Taj
83 Tsaubern
84 Ramin
85 Diadora
86 Misrach
87 Nova
88 Nofret
89 Resno
90 Vaslof
91 Gilliam
92 Kashgar
93 Diiwica
94 Indrik
95 Ordovic
96 Sophia
97 Darrow
98 Chihaya
99 Yomi
100 Tigre
101 Belemuel
102 Keflen
103 Rufa
104 Kow-Low
105 Enumclaw
106 Hao-Shi
107 Zayin
108 Mun-Tsang

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