Raja is the Tengou Star in Suikoden V.



Raja also known as "Admiral Raja" is the leader of Raftfleet, the former Commander of the Royal Navy and an old acquaintance of Sialeeds Falenas.

Raja joined the Navy when she was just a young girl. She quickly rose through the ranks and before long they started calling her Hurricane Raja, she was appointed as the Commander of the Royal Navy by Queen Olhazeta Falenas. One of her former apprentices is actually, Bahram Luger. Bahram looked down on her, but he supported Raja after seeing how great she really is.

When the New Armes Kingdom invaded the Queendom of Falena, Raja, Commander Ferid Egan, of the Queen's Knights and Commander Craig Laden of the Dragon Cavalry. Successfully drove the Armes soldiers away from Falena, while under Lucretia Merces' strategical wit. Eventually, she retired and spent her days in Raftfleet after the war. It wasn't long until the prince Freyjadour Falenas, would come to ask her for help in the Sun Rune Wars.

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Before the Sun Rune War began, Freyjadour Falenas along with his party, brought Logg and Lun to Raftleet because they were trying to steal some gold in Lunas river. Raja let Kisara, punish them for their actions. After the murder of the Queen, Arshtat Falenas, she met Freyjadour again and learned that he had allied himself with the Barows. She knew that the Barows could not be trusted and she gave him advice, that Freyjadour's alliance with the Barows should not stay for long.

During the Sun Rune War, she joins the Loyalist Army after Freyjadour helped Raftfleet win against Bahram's fleet. While Raja helped Freyjadour in his battle against the Godwins, and ended up joining his group. After the war, she retires once the plans for naval reform materialize. The rest of her days breeze slowly by in Raftfleet.

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Joins automatically after the defense of Raftfleet.

Raja is an five-star commander that commands the Dahak archery ship (she cannot command a land unit). Destruction of the Dahak normally results in a failure of the mission.

  1. Raja´s an elderly lady, and the leader of Raftfleet. Everybody calls her "Admiral" because she was the Commander of the Royal Navy until a few years ago.
  2. She joined the Navy when she was just still a girl. She quickly rose through the ranks and before long they started calling her Hurricane Raja. Back then, people from Raftfleet were looked down upon, but that didn´t bother her at all.
  3. The Queen before last -- your great-grandmother -- appointed her Commander of the Royal Navy. Soon after, Raftfleet was granted autonomy. If it weren´t for Raja, Raftfleet possibly wouldn´t be what it is today.

  • Bahram

For better or for worse, he's a rigid man. I can't count the number of times I told him to be more flexible. That strategy of his was pretty drastic. I'd hate it if he died... Ah, what a troublesome student!

  • Tea Ceremony

I'm holding a tea ceremony in my room. For older people, but of course, Your Highness is invited as well.


  • Raja's name in Indonesian means king. Ironically, Raja is a female.
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