The Poison Moth is an optional boss encounter in Suikoden II.

This boss is not part of the main storyline. Rather, it appears halfway in the McDohl side quest, a quest only available if Suikoden I data was transferred.

As A BossEdit

If the Worm loses 2800 HP in its second battle, it will turn into this boss.

The player does not have to win against this boss. However, if one tries to defeat it, they should use their strongest magic spells and attacks against this boss. McDohl will be in the party in this battle, so the Judgment spell can be used for a great advantage. Like the Worm, it has no elemental weaknesses.

If most of the party is defeated, the battle will end. Then, a scene will occur and a scripted battle ensues with just McDohl and Riou. In this battle, McDohl will cast Judgment, regardless of how many Level 4 spells he has left, and Riou will cast Forgiver Sign, both of which will kill the boss immediately and the potch reward will be claimed.


  • The scripted battle will be the only time players can see Forgiver Sign without the recruitment of all 108 Stars of Destiny. How Riou managed to be able to cast it while the rune still had a seal during this time is a mystery.