Character box is use to put some information about the character. It is commonly put above the page.

Note: This page is for Suikoden Character Box only and not for the user box.

How to use:
1. Choose the appropriate Boxes.
2. Copy one of the Codes below.
3. Click the dropdown button besides EDIT button on the page you are currently working on.
4. Click Source.
5. Paste it above the page you are currently working on.
6. Fill it up.
7. Click Preview Button.
8. If there is no mistake click Publish.

|name = Dauntless
|image = [[File:Dauntless.png]]
|kana = 不屈の
|romaji = Dauntless
|owner = [[Lino En Kuldes]]
|designer = [[Tov]]
|captain = [[Lazlo En Kuldes]]
|crew = [[Island Liberation Navy]]
|weapon = [[Rune Cannons]]
|battles = [[Island Liberation War]]
|appears = [[Suikoden IV]]

Ship BoxEdit

|name = 
|image = 
|kana = 
|romaji = 
|owner = 
|captain = 
|crew = 
|battles = 
|appears = 

True Rune BoxEdit

{{True Rune
 |name =
 |image =
 |appears =
 |current =
 |past =
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