Suikoden IEdit

In Suikoden, Old Book 7 tells about Antiques, showing pictures and giving their prices.
Title: Antique Prices


Failure Urn- 10 bits

Octopus Urn- 500 bits

Flower Urn- 2500 bits

Wide Urn- 4000 bits

Persian Lamp- 7500 bits

Blue Dragon Urn- 8000 bits

Celadon Urn- 10,000 bits

Black Urn- 20,000 bits

Fine Bone China- 60,000 bits

Hex Doll- 60 bits

Japanese Dish- 3000 bits

Chinese Dish- 6000 bits

Peeing Boy- 16,000 bits

Bonsai- 25,000 bits

Knight Statue- 30,000 bits

Goddess Statue- 100,000 bits

Graffiti- 100 bits

Flower Painint- 7000 bits

Landscape Paining- 40,000 bits

Nature Painting- 200,000 bits

Lover's Flower Garden- 29,000 bits

Found InEdit

Northern Checkpoint, First Room, SE Chest

Suikoden IIEdit

Title: In Suikoden 2, Old Book 5 details the impmortant events about the Gate Rune War (a summary of Suikoden I)


Page 1:

The war in which the Toran Republic defeated the Scarlet Moon Empire is known as the “Gate Rune War” or the “Liberation War.”

Page 2:

The first leader of the victorious Liberation Army was a woman named Odessa Silverburg.

Page 3:

She was originally emperial nobility, but her lover was killed by the Empire and

Page 4:

so she joined the Resistance and formed the Liberation Army.

Page 5:

The original members were Flik, Humphery and Sanchez, but according to another member, Viktor,

Page 6:

the later victorys were due to the intervention of McDohl, the son of the 6th emperial general.

Page 7:

During the war, Odessa was killed and McDohl took over leadership over the Liberation Army.

Page 8:

McDohl followed the advice of General Mathiu and set up Hora Castle as the new Liberation Army base.

Page 9:

After many battles, they succeeded in over throwing emperor Barbossa.

Page 10:

However after helping form a new nation McDohl journeyed off somewhere without seeing the fruits of his long labors.

Found InEdit

Get it from the bookshelf near McDohl's statue in Gregminster.

Suikoden IIIEdit

Title: Dunan Unification War


In 460(solar calendar), an alliance of cities known as the City-State of Jowston broke a ceasefire agreement without warning, and annihilated the Highland Youth Army. In response, Prince Luca Blight of Highland invaded Toto and Ryube villages, spawning the (Dunan) Unification War. Jowston leaders sought more cooperation among cities, but were denied even as Highland killed Mayor Annabel and captured her city, Muse, the most important of Jowston cities. Total Highland victory was certain until the remnants of the State Army joined with mercaneries at North Window Castle to organize a new resistance movement against Prince Blight. These new allied forces were led by the son of the hero Genkaku, who had saved Jowston in the past. The new allied forces endured Highland attacks and succeeded in rescuing Greenhill City mayor Teresa Wisemail. After Matilda Knightdom dismissed a request for military help; half of its knights defected to join the new allied forces. With their numbers augmented, they launched a challenge against Highland, which was now completely controlled by Luca Blight as emperor, due to the sudden death of his father, Agares. Despite Highland's numerical superiority, its army was unable to deliver a decisive blow against the allies led by Shu, a clever tactician. Emperor Blight chose to sneak-attack the heart of the allied forces. The plan was discovered in advance, however, and the allied forces waited patiently for Blight's ambush. Under a full moon, the slaughter was reversed, with the attackers not even realizing they'd been surrounded. Emperor Luca's death passed the throng to Princess Jilla's husband of 17 years, Jowy Blight. Inspired by the ambush, the allied forces liberated Tinto City and Greenhill City. They went on to capture the Matilda Knightdom's stronghold, Rockaxe Castle, and then turned their attention to the Highland imperial capital, L'Renouille. Nearly everyone defending the capital died. Emperor Jowy Blight was last seen during the torching of the city. The Highland Kingdom was no more, and the royal Blight family legacy came to an end.

Found InEdit

Eike starts with it

Suikoden IVEdit

Title: Easy way to make Defensive Equipment- (Clothes Chapter)


"Now we will explain the 3 steps to having clothing tailored: "

1. Collect Material:

Clothes are made out of cloth, such as linen and silk. Supplementary Material, such as feathers and seashells, are also sometimes used.

2. Go to a Tailor:

After getting the materials, it's now time to have it made. Hire the services of a tailor.

3. Completion:

At this point, you must be warned about the quality of the cloth. The material may be the same, but depending on the cloth's quality, the finished clothing will differ. Try various combinations.

Found InEdit

You must journey to Illuya Island. It can be found in a Treasure Chest in the destroyed area Plaza in which you recruit Izak. Just search around the different alleys and paths until you find it.

Suikoden VEdit

In Suikoden V, Old Book 7 explains the concept of One-on One Duels.
Title: The Art of One-on-One Duels


If your opponent "Guards," the only way to wound him is with an "Attack." You won't produce dramatic results with just one "Attack," but a steady barrage should eventually lead you to victory.

When your opponent "Attacks," he leaves himself open. This is the perfect opportunity to hit him with your "Special" move.

Conversely, if your opponent goes for a "Special" move, it's vital that you stay calm and take up a defencsive "Guard" stance. You can fend off your opponent's move and even make a searing counterattack!

Even more important is the ability to instantly perceive what your opponent is going to do and react quickly. You can't win without being decisive.

Sometimes, both you and your opponent will "Attack" at the same time and wind up in a "deadlock." the only thing that'll give you the upper hand in situations like these is strength. Be agressive!

And, finally, one more thing... If your opponent is about to go down, he might hit you with a last-ditch counterattack. You have to be ready to decide what to do in an instant. And heaven help you if you make a mistake...

That's all! May victory be yours!

Found InEdit

Stormfist (First time only)