Suikoden IEdit

In Suikoden, Old Book 1 tells about The Story of Creation.


"The 27 True Runes: Their Creation"

"In the beginning...there was "Darkness". "Darkness" lived for eons in a rift in time. Suffering in solitude for so long, "Darkness" finally dropped a "Tear". Two brothers were born of "Tear". "Sword" and "Shield". "Sword" said he could cut anything to pieces. "Shield" swore he could protect anything. And so, the two went to battle. The battle lasted seven days and seven nights. "Sword" cut apart "Shield", and "Shield" broke "Sword" into pieces.

Fragments of "Sword" fell and became the sky. Fragments of "Shield" fell and became the earth. Sparks from the battle became the stars. The 27 jewels that adorned "Sword" and "Shield" became the "27 True Runes," and the World went into motion.

Found InEdit

Pannu Yakuta

Suikoden IIEdit

In Suikoden 2 , Old Book 1 tells about Antiques, showing pictures and giving their prices.


Failure Urn - 20 Potch
Octopus Urn - 100 Potch
Vase - 5,000 Potch
Wide Urn - 8,000 Potch
Blue Dragon Urn - 16,000 Potch
Celadon Urn - 20,000 Potch
Black Urn - 8,000 Potch
Fine bone china - 120,000 Potch
Hex doll - 120 Potch
Japanese Dish - 6,000 Potch
Chinese Dish - 12,000 Potch
Persian Lamp - 15,000 Potch
Peeing Boy - 34,000 Potch
Coral - 40,000 Potch
Bonsai - 50,000 Potch
Knight Statuette - 60,000 Potch
Goddess statuette - 200,000 Potch
Graffiti - 200 Potch
Flower painting - 14,000 Potch
Love's garden - 58,000 Potch
Landscape paint - 80,000 Potch
"Nature's beauty" - 400,000 Potch

Found InEdit

Found in Genkaku's room, in the desk, in Kyaro.

Suikoden IIIEdit

Title: Curio Delights


Failure Urn - 30 Potch
Caleria Urn - 3000 Potch
Wu-ts'ai Urn - 7000 Potch
Karaya Urn - 8000 Potch
Celadon Urn - 20000 Potch
Gold Urn - 45000 Potch
White Porcelain vase - 90000 Potch
Graffiti - 50 Potch
Scroll Picture - 7000 Potch
Painting: Lady - 8000 Potch
Painting: Sky Owl - 10000 Potch
Painting: Knight - 20000 Potch
Painting: Ruins - 35000 Potch
Painting: Sunset - 50000 Potch
Hex Doll - 200 Potch
Sp. Hex Doll - 5000 Potch
Peeing Boy - 30000 Potch
Knight Statue - 60000 Potch
Goddess Statue - 80000 Potch
Sp. Knight Statue - 100000 Potch
Sp. Goddess Statue - 250000 Potch
Sp. Dragon Statue - 400000 Potch
Indoor Plant Vase - 6000 Potch Rose Vase - 7000 Potch
Plum Bonsai - 9000 Potch
Potted Mini-Cactus - 11000 Potch
Potted Cactus - 15000 Potch
Pine Bonsai - 2000 Potch

Found InEdit

Corpse in Flame Champion's Hideaway

Suikoden IVEdit

Title: Birth of Rune Cannons


"When Rune Cannons appeared, previous combat methods became entirely ineffective, and naval battles have never been the same since then."

"Rune Cannons were first identified approximately 15 years ago. It is held that the fleet affiliated with Middleport possessed them. Even now, there is no way to obtain them except at Middleport."

"Rune Magic is sealed into spheres called Rune Shells, and it's power is instantly magnified, then fired by passing it through a lens-like cannon. The larger Rune Shells are said to even have the power to destroy a ship with one single shot."

"The components needed to construct Rune Shells are currently unknown."

"There is even a theory that the material was summoned from another world by a wizard with extraordinary summoning spells."

"At first glance, this theory seems nonsensical, but it is also true that reports of strange creatures appearing and attacking ships began to surface around this time."

"It may mean that these two phenomena are somehow related."

Found InEdit

Found by using the Treasure Hunting side quest, Map #2. You can find Treasure Map #2 in the Underground Path in Middleport during your recruitment of Warlock.

Suikoden VEdit

In Suikoden V, Old Book 1 tells the Story of Creation.
Title: The Story of Creation


In the beginning, all that existed was Darkness.

For a long,long time, Darkness lived in solitude, growing ever so lonely.

Out of sorrow and despair, Darkeness shed a tear.

From the tear were born two brothers: Sword and Shield.

Sword claimed it could cut through all that exists. Shield claimed itself impenetrable.

Thus, the conflict was born -- a truly vicious conflict, lasting seven days and seven nights.

In the end, Sword breached Shield, and Shield shattered Sword. Pieces of Sword rained down to make the sky. Pieces of Shield rained down to make the ground. Stars were created from the sparks of that battle.

The 27 gems adorning Sword and Shield transformed into the 27 True Runes.

And thus began the world as we know it.

Found InEdit

Raftfleet, on board the Dahak