Oboro is the Chiyu Star in Suikoden V.


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Oboro is a former member of Nether Gate, as a member of the Nether Gate he was assign in intelligence division, so he had a lot of opportunities to get to know the outside world. When the Nether Gate was disbanded eight years ago before the Sun Rune War, Oboro, took another member named Shigure and Sagiri and the three started to run a detective agency. Fuyo their very first customer came back to help them to organize everything in the agency after her investigation was over. Oboro treats Shigure, Sagiri and Fuyo as family.

Their agency is actually a ship that sails through the Feitas River to reach any places in the Queendom of Falena. They often docks in Raftfleet.

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During the Sun Rune War, Oboro and his company was in Rainwall, they met Freyjadour Falenas, who asked to investigate Salum Barows' action during the Lordlake uprising. He succeeds with the investigation and discovers the secret of Salum Barows, by investigating Norden who soon cooperates with them.

He joined the Loyalist Army after Freyjadour asked him to join. He opened an agency in the Loyalist Army's headequarter, the Ceras Lake Castle. Later Oboro helped to recruit his rival Raven at the castle.

After the war, he leaves the agency to Fuyo and departs, apparently for Nagarea, to "settle things once and for all."

Role in the GameEdit

There are two ways to recruit Oboro:

  1. After initially hiring Oboro in Rainwall, go to the inn and talk to the drunk at the bar. Upon leaving the inn, accompany Shigure and Sagiri for Norden's investigation. When Oboro speaks about employing mice, ask "That man went inside the house", and when talking to Norden with Oboro in the Tavern, say "We need to talk to you about something". After the relocation of Raftfleet, talk to Oboro and ask him to join in his office in Raftfleet.
  2. If you did not successfully perform the Norden investigation, you may have to ask him to join up to five times as storyline progresses: after Raftfleet; after HQ; after Lelcar; after Sable; and after Beaver Lodge. If you wait until after the Queen's Campaign, his ship will be gone from Raftfleet forever.

Oboro conducts investigations of your characters.

Oboro grants the unit he accompanies the Rumors ability.

  1. Oboro is an excellent detective. Swift investigations, privacy guaranteed, nothing but the straight facts. His hobby is making business cards. Is that good enough? This is kind of embarrasing...
  2. You know my assistant, Mr.Mouse? Well, actually, there´s more than one of them! Eh? How´d I train them? Well, there are some secrets I'm sworn to protect...
  3. I grew up in Nether Gate. The intelligence division, specifically, so I had a lot of opportunities to get to know the outside world. It gave me a lot to think about...

  • Investigation Complete

We have completed the investigation concerning your recent request. We have prepared a report, so please feel free to pay us a visit.


  • His name means "Haziness" and, like his fellow investigators Shigure and Sagiri, shares his name with a Japanese destroyer in World War II.
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